Chair Pose (Utkatasana) Themed Yoga Lesson Plan

This chair pose themed yoga lesson plan was created using the Yoga Genie Lesson Planner.

Chair pose is the peak pose.

Peak pose themed lesson plans are a favourite for most yoga teachers.

You learned how to create a peak pose themed lesson plan during your yoga teacher training, but just in case you have a hankering to learn more, here’s my formula on how to sequence around a peak pose.

Free Chair Pose Themed Lesson Plan

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Chair Peak Pose Yoga Lesson Plan (short plan)

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Lesson Plan Themes

Energy Booster Theme
Chair Pose helps boost energy, so is good to include in sequences to keep the energy high. It makes the perfect Peak Pose for a high energy yoga class.

Stand Up For Yourself Theme
Utkatasana refers to Fierce Pose where Utkata means fierce. So, you could include a “fierce theme” with this pose as your Peak Pose. Sometimes it can be Yogic to be a fierce warrior (e.g. to stand up for a cause you believe in such as climate change).

Less Is More Yoga Class Theme
Allow yourself to sit in your chair and relax. In this day and age, we are perpetually rushing around. Take a yogic chill pill and relax. The sitting position implies a unique state unlike standing with its relation to motion. The chair signifies not only the resting of the body but also the focusing of the mind. The focusing of the mind is reflected in the spiritual context of the chair.

Oil Your Hips Theme
Chair pose requires a lot of strength with the quadriceps muscles to help your hips provide enough support. So, if you’re using the Yoga Genie Lesson Planner to create yoga lesson plans, do a search in the anatomy filter for “hips”, and you’ll find 100+ poses that are good to stretch and strengthen hips. Or click here to see the 100+ poses that are good for hips in our Yoga Pose Directory.


Yoga Block: Place a block between your thighs.

Palms: Join palms overhead.

Wall: If balancing in this pose is a challenge, use a wall behind to support the hips in chair pose with the wall as a prop.

Stiff Shoulders: If your shoulders are stiff, there’s no need to raise them above your head. Instead, simply stretch your arms in front of you in alignment with your chest.

Place Hands On Thighs: If your chest and shoulders are stiff, start with placing your hands on your thighs, palms facing down. Then slowly raise arms overhead.

Wider Stance: If bringing your ankles and knees together is hard on the thighs, widen your stance, to begin with.

Pregnancy: If you’re pregnant keep your feet hip-distance apart while practicing Utkatasana, for better grip and stability.


In every yoga class, you’ll have one or more students who won’t be able to do the full expression of the pose. That’s where pose variations come to the rescue.

Below are some variations of Chair Pose (Utkatasana):

Arms Behind: Chair pose with arms behind

Chair Prop: Chair squat with a chair as a prop

Goddess Pose: Goddess pose with Anjali Mudra

Mountain I Pose: Mountain pose with arms up I

Mountain II Pose: Mountain pose with arms up II

Mountain III Pose: Mountain pose with arms up III

Palm Tree I Pose: Palm tree I pose

Palm Tree II Pose: Palm tree II pose

Palm Tree III Pose: Palm tree III pose 

Palm Tree On Tiptoes Pose: Palm tree on tiptoes pose

Single-Leg Stand Pose: Single-leg stand pose 

Staff Pose: Staff pose with arms raised

Click here for a short video of me using the Yoga Genie Lesson Planner to find chair pose variations. The aim of this video is to show you how easy it is to find variations of poses for your yoga classes if you’re a newbie yoga teacher.


Below are some questions you might get asked by your students…

“Will Chair Pose help strengthen my hips?”
Yes. The position of the hips in this pose is perfectly placed, taking the weight of the upper body. With practice, the muscles around your hips gain strength.

“Will Chair Pose Deep give me a deep stretch to the upper body?” 
Yes. The entire upper body, shoulders, chest, spine, neck, and back get stretched in Chair Pose.

“Will Chair Pose give me strong legs?”
Yes. This pose is one of the best poses for strengthening your legs. The bending of the knees adds good stress to the thighs (at the quadriceps, hamstring, and calves) which strengthens the entire leg.

“Will Chair Pose help prevent knee injury?”
Yes. When in this pose your knee joints and the ankles get toned and strong. While the upper body at the hips bends, the lower body takes some weight, giving the knee and ankle joint a good amount of pressure. This pressure slowly improves the joints and helps prevent knee injury.

“Will Chair Pose give me a six-pack?”
I can’t guarantee the six-pack, but I can guarantee that this pose does an amazing job at massaging your abdominal muscles. The core muscles get a great workout in the pose because you need to tighten your abdominal muscles while holding the pose. Bringing your navel close to the spine helps tighten the abdominal muscles.

“Will Chair Pose massage my organs?”
Yes. Bringing your navel close to the spine helps tighten the abdominal muscles, and, which is like giving your organs a healthy massage.

“Will Chair Pose open my chest for improved breathing?”
Yes. This pose opens your chest for improved breathing: The raising of the shoulders expands your chest which helps the diaphragm to expand, which improves breathing.

“Will Chair Pose help calm my nervous system?”
Yes. This pose will improve your nervous system. With the deep spinal stretch, the nervous system gets massaged.

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