Below is a FREE downloadable Chair Yoga Lesson Plan. It includes 17 new chair yoga poses that have just been added to the Drag & Drop Yoga Genie Planner.

Click Here To Download Chair Yoga Lesson Plan: Long Version

The long version has everything you need to practice the lesson plan before getting to class. You can take it to class with you (but you may prefer to take the short version). The long version is a great handout to give to your students, especially your one-to-one students. It immediately shows your professionalism and increases your expertise in the eyes of the student(s).

Click Here To Download Chair Yoga Lesson Plan: Short Version

The short version is perfect for taking into class with you. It’s short and sweet.

The 17 new chair yoga poses are:

  • Chair Arm Circles
  • Chair Calf Raises
  • Chair Clam
  • Chair Desk Posture
  • Chair Levator Scapulae
  • Chair Neck Extension
  • Chair Neck Retraction
  • Chair Neck Stretch
  • Chair Neural Glide
  • Chair Pelvic Elevator
  • Chair Press Up
  • Chair Single Arm Lift
  • Chair Sitting Posture
  • Chair Slump Test
  • Chair Twist
  • Chair Wide Leg FB
  • Chair Wide Leg FB Twist

You’ll find 70+ CHAIR YOGA POSES in the Drag & Drop Yoga Genie Lesson Planner.

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George Watts

BWY Yoga Teacher at George Watts Yoga
This post was lovingly morphed into reality by BWY yoga teacher, George Watts. If you're looking for a treasure trove of yoga lesson planning goodness, take a quick peek at Yoga Teacher Lesson Plan Kit.

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