Yoga teacher lesson plan Kit reviews

Lesson Planning Made Easy

“This is a very useful kit for those who are just starting out with teaching yoga. Lots of useful lesson plans and planners. All in all a very useful aid to have at your side when starting out teaching.”

Paul Wooding

UK Yoga Teacher Trainer

“I have recently purchased this product and this is fantastic. To my knowledge, this is the only tool of its kind. This is making my life so much easier, I can now prepare a yoga lesson plan in minutes. This is the end of procrastination. Thank you. George Watts is a Yogi with a vision!”

Cecile Pons

UK Yoga Teacher

“I am having such fun going through all the resources in the lesson planning kit! Already have decided to do a 10 week plan and issue it to the kids next term. Had already decided to do something on the koshas so it’ll be fun getting it ready….and won’t take anything like the time!!! I love all the different bits. I love the tips, the meditation bits and all the posture bits. Well, all of it. It pulls together so many ideas that float around in my brain, my computer, my office, my classroom and elsewhere!  You will laugh: because I am so sad and need to read things on paper to really sort of “get” them, I printed it all off to sit on the sofa and read and get familiar with. Well, I went through a lot of paper (oh dear, I hear you cringing ecologically, I’m kind of sorry I did it too in a way)…and it’s a good thing my husband’s away as I’ll have time to replace the paper, replace the ink cartridge etc. But I can now appreciate what I’ve got and start thinking about what I’m going to do. I am trying to get more computer minded (I mean I use it all the time at school for various things) and have already played the video about how to do a lesson plan, which doesn’t look difficult at all. Keep up all the wonderful work!”

Jo Chadwick

UK Yoga Teacher

“This lesson plan kit is such a huge resource when it comes to planning a yoga class, you’ve thought of everything George!  I’m still finding my way around the many, many pages and using it every week to help plan my classes, it is a great help!  Thanks for making it available to all.”

Victoria James

UK Yoga Teacher

“The Lesson plan kit has been a great investment to me. Not only is it jam packed full of tips, useful handouts, and  ideas it is user friendly (even if your not a whizz on the computer – like me!) and  it saves a great deal of time in the planning dept! When I first started teaching I really struggled with lesson planning. It took me ages and gave me a headache! But this kit saved me time, gave me new ideas and really helped boost my confidence to walk into a class with a professional looking plan. You can continually add new plans  and it saves you having bits of plans/ideas written all over the place. I use it every week to create my plans whether I am teaching regular hatha, pregnancy, seniors or private clients. Money well spent!”

Julie Morris

UK Yoga Teacher

“Given all the apps we have available these days, I was skeptical about the seemingly steep price of another gimmicky ‘kit,’ but I have to say, this package is far beyond any Teacher resource I have ever come across, truly. Where to begin? Well, George provides over two thousand yoga stick figures for creating your own class sequences, and just as many yoga templates and handouts for students. This component of the kit alone comprises over 65 PAGES of information on how to modify postures for all levels of experience, in addition to contraindications and precautions. Lesson Plans for Power Yoga, Vinyasa Yoga, Beginner’s Yoga, Prenatal Yoga, Kid’s Yoga, Templates, and Handouts are all included in this phenomenal deal.”

Eryn Kirkwood

Canadian Yoga Teacher

“The lesson planning kit has revolutionised my teaching. As a part-time yoga teacher this has been especially helpful. I am able to spend more time teaching and less planning and feeling more professional. I use it for regular weekly class planning and also for planning yoga courses. It’s also a fantastic tool of inspiration and is jam-packed with ideas my students have loved. Thanks so much George for this wonderful resource.”

Ruth White

Australian Yoga Teacher

“The Yoga Teacher Lesson Plan Kit is a valuable tool to have for a Yoga Teacher.  It is wonderfully easy to use and significantly cuts down the time spent in lesson planning while offering a wide range of creative themes and insights. George, I want to compliment you on the kits you provide to us (yoga teachers).”

Susanne Wagner

Canadian Yoga Teacher

“The Yoga Teacher Lesson plan Kit & the Yoga Studio Kit are wonderful resources for the experienced Yoga Teachers as well as new Yoga students working on their Teacher’s Certification. There is so much vital information! It really blew my mind how much there was!  I have started my Yoga business plan a few different times and never finished it because it is too time consuming! Thanks to George and his marvelous Yoga kits we can get things organized in a much better and faster way. It’s like having a universal “cheat sheet” for your Yoga Studio that nobody else knows about but you. I loved the first kit so much I bought another kit! I would highly recommend them all!”

Eva Wright

USA Yoga Teacher

“The Yoga Lesson Plan Kit is a must have for all yoga teachers out there! George has thought of every detail that you need to create your lessons, making it so quick and easy, it’s truly wonderful. I can’t wait to purchase the rest of his yoga kits. The on-going service you get from George too is so efficient & outstanding, I couldn’t be happier. Thank you George.”

Helen Gray

USA Yoga Teacher

“I am just coming to the end of my Diploma in Teaching Yoga and found the answer to all my prayers with George Watt’s Yoga Teacher Lesson Planning Kit. For less than £100 I have everything I need to set up my yoga teaching practice with tried and tested yoga sessions for every age and ability. I am also looking forward to designing my own plans in the not too distant future. The breadth and range of the content is mind-boggling – in a good way. Thanks George for sharing your plans and passion.”

Jane Gallagher

UK Yoga Teacher

“The Yoga Teacher Lesson Plan Kit is great!!!  ‘Great’ couldn’t describe how good it is.  It has lots of information to help any yoga teacher.  The Ask Genie Yoga Genie Lesson Planner makes creating yoga lessons a snap. What could be easier than drag and drop and make changes in a few clicks?  It is really a time saver.  Thank you very much for creating these great tools, George.”

Wen Leu

USA Yoga Teacher

“The yoga lesson plan kit is of great value. It is informative, easy to follow and a must for student and qualified Yoga Teachers. Thank you George.”

Mel Davitt

UK Yoga Teacher

“I find the yoga lesson plan kit inspiring and so easy to follow.  I love that there are so many ‘goodies’ – more and more relevent and useful surprises keep coming. It’s no-nonsense, practical and relevent stuff.  I am loving these resources but wish I had discovered them when I first started teaching.”

Charlotte Hamilton

Australian Yoga Teacher

“I really did benefit from your Lesson Plan kit. Firstly I used the “personal folders” idea. Obviously I used my own picture, but used your design. My students really loved it. Secondly I used the themes you suggested on your Lesson Plan Kit, and did a 9 Week Lesson Plan (up to Xmas), and included this in the Folder as well.  Thirdly I am going to use your Halloween idea as having fun this coming lesson. I love your creativity and it inspires me to be more creative myself.   There is only one “criticism” – there is too much in it (joke!).  There is a lot of work in it and thank you very much for sharing your knowledge with us. Wish you all the best – hoping that you will produce more.”

Ilkay Ozcan

UK Yoga Teacher

“Since signing up to George’s website, I have found pulling together my lesson plans a dream, in fact all my administration is now simple and easy, it has become something I choose to do rather than put it off! Thanks George.”

Natalie Creasy

UK Yoga Teacher

“The Yoga teacher lesson plan kit has been very useful in helping me to structure my yoga  classes. It is a very useful resource for any yoga teacher.

Keith Francis

UK Yoga Teacher

“I really am impressed with the amount of great information – details – templates – pictures!  Even notes that have helped with my training!  I will be using this kit for a very long time!  Thank you so much!  Well worth every penny!”

Chris Elersich

USA Yoga Teacher

“As a new teacher I have found the Yoga Teacher Lesson Plan Kit so helpful. I started out covering classes at a busy yoga centre and the kit made it so easy to put together a variety of different types of classes. Now I am teaching more one to one classes I find it really helpful to give a client a really clear short lesson plan to take home. I have also used the music for some restorative classes too! Thanks so much.”

Katie Thomson

UK Yoga Teacher

“The Yoga Teacher Lesson Plan Kit is an extremely inspiring piece of work. Whether you want to enhance your way of preparing your lessons, or need to find new ways of delivering your service to your students then The Yoga Teacher Lesson Plan Kit will support you with this aspiration. Thanks for sharing your insights with others George.”

Stewart Jones

UK Yoga Teacher

“George Watts’ Yoga Teacher Lesson Plan Kit is amazing; an absolute time-saver!  His Lesson Plans Kit is a treasure trove of lesson plans, resources, creative artwork, and media for yoga teachers and their yoga students. George provides step-by-step videos that demonstrate HOW to easily develop a yoga lesson plan in less than 15 minutes with no real thinking involved!  George has thought it all out for you while allowing flexibility to make each lesson your very own. GENIUS! George Watts has a gift for TEACHING and the yoga industry is fortunate to have his talent and creativity on its side. Yoga teachers will not be disappointed with this purchase; it is definitely worth the financial investment.”

Patty Browning

UK Yoga Teacher

“Hi George,  I just wanted to say Thank you for your fantastic lesson plan kit. I am a yoga teacher and this material is just a dream. I love my work so much and to have teaching aids like these has made my classes easier to prepare and my students very happy with the lovely hand outs. I am truly delighted. THANK YOU!!!!!”

Belinda White

UK Yoga Teacher

“I am enjoying integrating the (George Watts) Yoga Teacher’s Lesson Plan Kit tools into my teaching & development – it saves time & delivers value. The ease and simplicity of the copy and paste asanas creates lesson plans almost instantly and the additional ongoing yoga resources – makes this an outstanding package.”

Sarah Rush

UK Yoga Teacher

“Thank you so much for the Yoga Teacher Lesson Plan Kit, it is fantastic, so much choice I feel like a child in a sweet shop I have found it really easy to use and so quick to produce a lesson plan, I also like all the extras like the hand-outs. Thanks again.”

Jan Simpson

Spanish Yoga Teacher

“The Yoga Teacher Lesson Plan Kit is AMAZING.  It has soooo much information. It’s like a RYT-200 and RYT-500 training all in one. There is so much valuable information, your classes can’t help but be anything but amazing after using this kit! Thanks, George, for all of the hard work and hours you’ve invested and for your quick response when I had a question. You’ve saved me a TON of hours in class planning. You have helped me to have the best classes ever! I will definitely be ordering more kits from you. A great value for the money. This information would have cost me hundreds if not thousands to purchase separately. God bless.”

Teresa Ferguson

USA Yoga Teacher

“For me, lesson planning was a total nightmare, often taking a couple of days labour, I hated it and had exhausted all options of making it easier. I stumbled across George’s Yoga Teacher Lesson Plan Kit on YouTube and saw this as the answer to everything for me to re lesson planning…and I wasn’t wrong. The Yoga Teacher Lesson Plan Kit has saved my sanity – it’s an excellent resource that every yoga teacher/student teacher should have in their toolbox and worth every penny”.

Shola Cochrane

UK Yoga Teacher