Free Downloadable Sun Moon Themed Yoga Lesson Plan

The sun moon themed yoga lesson plan was created using the Yoga Genie Plan Creator

If you’re a yoga teacher and would like to teach a memorable theme, the Sun Moon Themed Yoga Lesson Plan was created for you. It’s suitable for beginners and advanced students. And if you’re a busy yoga student with no time to go to a live yoga class, then what the heck, the lesson plan was created for you too.

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Sun Moon Themed Yoga Lesson Plan (short version)

The short version is perfect for taking into class with you. It’s short and sweet.

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You can “unlock” the long version of the lesson plan by helping me spread the word about this freebie (choose one of the buttons below). The long version has everything you need to practice the lesson plan before getting to class. You can take it to class with you (but you may prefer to take the short version). The long version is a great handout to give to your students, especially your one-to-one students. It immediately shows your professionalism, and increases your expertise in the eyes of your students.

Yoga Lesson Plan Theme: Sun & Moon (Energetic Counterparts) 

There are 5 vinyasa flows in this Sun Moon yoga lesson plan. One for each phase of the Moon, and one for the Sun. You can practice all five flows in one session, or just focus on one. It’s like having 5 lesson plans in one.

The plan was created for a 90 minute yoga class (though it would also work for a 30 or 60 minute home practice for your students).

Intermediate to advanced.

To give a yoga class focusing on the energetic counterparts of the sun and moon.

By the end of the class students will be able to:

  • Perform the 5 vinyasa flows
  • Choose one of the Sun/Moon symbols to focus on during the class
  • Sit in silence at the end of the class focusing on the symbol that was chosen
  • Explore the difference between the sun and moon vinyasa flows
  • Perform moon flow at home in the evening (when the moon is out)
  • Perform sun flow at home in the morning (when the sun is out)

Quick Tips For Teaching The Sun Moon Theme

Ask your students to choose one of the Sun/Moon symbols below to focus on during the class. Sit in silence at the end of the class focusing on the symbol that was chosen.

Moon Themes

Waning Moon Vinyasa Flow: Symbolic Of Letting Go

Waning Moon means the moon is decreasing in size, moving from the Full Moon towards the New Moon. This is a time for letting go of thoughts, habits, addictions, relationships that aren’t lighting you up, but keeping you in darkness.

New Moon Vinyasa Flow: Symbolic Of New Beginnings

This phase occurs for three nights when the Moon is completely dark with zero-percent luminosity and the night the crescent new moon appears.

Waxing Moon Vinyasa Flow: Symbolic Of Growth

A Waxing Moon means the moon is getting larger in the sky, moving from the New Moon towards the Full Moon.

Full Moon Vinyasa Flow: Symbolic Of Peak Clarity & Fruition

A Full Moon is the lunar phase that occurs when the Moon is completely illuminated as seen from Earth. This occurs when Earth is located directly between the Sun and the Moon.


Sun Moon Themes

You could use the many opposites in nature as a theme alongside this lesson plan, such as light/dark, masculine/feminine, outer/inner, physical/spiritual. Or you could choose a Sun-Moon symbol or association (see below) to focus on during your session.

Symbolic Sun Meanings & Associations

Clarity, Energy, Force, Life, Power, Self, Strength, Bull, Dragon, Eagle, Hawk, Hedgehog, Horse, Lion, Pheasant, Phoenix, Porcupine, Ram, Rooster/Cock, Salamander, Spider, Swan, Chrysanthemum, Lotus, Rose, Sunflower

Symbolic Moon Meanings & Associations

Cycles, Emotion, Femininity, Fertility, Influence, Intuition, Illumination, Mystery, Renewal, Passivity, Psyche, Receptivity, Perception, Progression, Shadow, Time, Transition, Wonder, Bat, Bear, Cat, Crab, Dog, Dolphin, Frog, Hare, Owl, Moth, Snail, Toad.


Sun Moon Quote

I’ll leave you with this quote from Buddha…

“Three things cannot be long hidden: the sun, the moon, and the truth.”

And this quote by a wise anonymous person…

“Turn your face to the sun and the shadows fall behind you.” 

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