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Lesson Plan Overview

The sciatic nerve runs through the lumbar spine to the sacrum and down to the legs. When that nerve is compressed, the result can be pain that begins in the hip or buttocks and continues down the leg, sometimes accompanied by lower back pain. Sciatica problems often happen from too much sitting, a specific injury, or from the sacroiliac joint putting pressure on the sciatic nerve, which can happen when playing certain sports.

Why You Get Sciatic Pain

Reason 1: Compression of the L4-S1 nerve roots affects the sciatic distribution.
Reason 2: The sciatic nerve is injured.

Poses To Avoid

Avoid straight-leg forward bends.

Bend your knees when in standing forward bends and Downward Facing Dog Pose.

Avoid straight-leg forward bends because they aggravate sciatica. So, if you have tight hips or weak lower-back muscles avoid straight-leg forward bends. Instead of bending forward from the hips, the lower spine rounds and bends forward while the pelvis tugs back. This is why you often hear the instruction to “bend from the hip creases” to lift the sitting bones. The action of lifting and separating the sitting bones results in the pelvis tilting forward. If the pelvis does not tilt forward in a forward bend, the result can be either a strain or pull of the sacroiliac ligaments or sciatica.

Yoga Poses Recommended To Ease Sciatic Pain 

Locust Pose is a great backbend for healing sciatica because it strengthens the lower-back muscles while bringing circulation to the hip muscles. Variations of Locust Pose include: Prone Chest Raise Pose, Prone Leg And Arm Raise Pose, Prone Chest Raise Pose, Reversed Savasana Pose, Prone Arm Raises Pose, Superman Pose, and Prone Leg Raises Pose.

Bridge Pose is another great backbend. Alternate the distance between the feet to isolate different muscle groups first with the feet together, then hip-distance apart, and lastly with the feet and knees quite wide, keeping the inner thighs engaged. For increased circulation, move up and down in the pose. Other variations of Bridge Pose include Bridge With Legs Up Pose, Bridge With Hands On Hip Pose, Bridge With Ankle On Knee Pose, Bridge With Feet On A Chair Pose, and Bridge With Feet Against A Wall Pose.

Half Pigeon Pose is good. And so is Half Lord of the Fishes Pose. Variations include Half Lord Of The Fishes II Pose, Half Lord Of The Fishes III Pose, and Half Lord Of The Fishes IV Pose.

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