Free Downloadable Twists Themed Yoga Lesson Plan: Your Student’s Core Muscles & Spine Will Thank You

We all know that a strong core is good to prevent back pain.

The weaker the core, the more work the back muscles and soft tissues have to put in. Most students find twists such as Revolved Abdomen Pose challenging, but enjoyable. So, don’t shy away from giving them a twist challenge. 

Twist Themed Yoga Lesson Plan

The lesson plan below has 41 twists. There are only twists in the plan. So, it’s not a traditional yoga lesson plan to be used in a yoga class. You can, however, give it as a handout to your students and ask them to pick a few of the twists to practice at home (not all of them in one session!).

Click Here To Download The Twist Themed Yoga Lesson Plan: Long Version

Click Here To Download The Twist Themed Yoga Lesson Plan: Short Version

And if your yoga students are up for a core yoga challenge, you can download a free core themed yoga lesson plan here, and here, and here.  

Twist Pose Benefits

Aid digestion
Twists are said to aid digestion

Create space between vertebra
Twists create space between the vertebrae which improves posture.

BKS Iyengar said twists are detoxifying because of the squeeze and soak action.

Improved posture leads to reduces anxiety
Twists improve posture by creating more space in your spine. More space in your spine means better posture, and better posture means less anxiety.

Instant energy hit
Twists are a bit like eating pasta – they give an instant energy lift. Whenever your energy is low, if you do a twist you’ll instantly top up your energy supplies.

Long & healthy soft tissue
Twists help surrounding supportive soft tissue go from short and dysfunctional, to long and healthy (twists extend muscles to their full length).

Oil or Joints
Twists prevents joints from hardening and fusing.

Perfect counter pose for forward & back bends
Twists are perfect poses to do immediately after a bunch strong back bends and/or forward bends.

Spine mobility
Twists rotate the spine and stretch back muscles.

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