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If You Were To Spy Through A Keyhole While A Yoga Teacher Creates A Lesson Plan, You’d Be Confronted With A Scene Of Unimaginable Horror Like This…

Thumb Desperately Though Your Yoga Bible Book 

You wake up with an immediate feeling of dread in the pit of your stomach. You pour yourself a cup of herbal tea. 

You mess about for a while with lots of distractions because you really don’t want to face the inevitable (sitting on a well worn chair for hours in front of a computer trying to write your yoga lesson plan).

You thumb desperately through your dog-eared yoga bible book, wishing you were outside doing something fun.

Yoga Genie: Bible

Desperate Searches On Google & Yoga Magazines 

You then seek salvation by flicking through 15 year old, musty-smelling yoga and health magazines. Then your waning attention drifts back to the computer and you frantically attempt desperate searches on Google such as ‘yoga lesson plan themes’.

All that sitting and pressure is forming pulsating knots in your shoulders and neck. In the end you go with what you’ve got because you can’t bear to think about it any more. And alas, you go with a mediocre yoga lesson plan. Deep down you know your students deserve better, and that there must be a better way. But you can’t bear to think about it anymore.

Yoga Genie: Desperate Searches

Yoga Lesson Planning Hole Of Doom 

After hours of blood, toil, tears and sweat you end up in the dreaded yoga lesson planning hole of doom.

But you don’t have to stay in the yoga lesson planning hole of doom! 

The lesson planning hole of doom is EXACTLY why I created the Online Yoga Lesson Planner. It’s like having 2000+ experienced yoga teachers hold your hand, show you all the lesson planning tricks of the trade and guide you into becoming a Yoga teaching master. 

Yoga Lesson Planning Hole Of Doom

22 Fab Features

With the Online Yoga Lesson Planner, you’ll be able to quickly and easily create your lesson plans and copy and edit any of the 100,000+ lesson plans created by our 2,000+ members (mostly yoga teachers, yoga teacher trainers, yoga teacher trainees and serious yoga students). 

Below are the 22 lesson planner features that our members love the most: 

Short Version Plans

Each lesson plan you create comes with a short version lesson plan which is ideal for taking into class with you.

83 Yoga Categories

There are 83 yoga categories to choose from. This variety allows you to be infinitely creative with your plans.

Flexible Plan Layouts

The layout of the lesson plans are as flexible as a Yogi. You choose what to include in your lesson plans.

Quick PDF Downloads

You can quickly and easily download yoga lesson plans as PDFs. Or take your device to class and view online.

Pose Suggestions

Click on a pose and you’ll see suggestions for preparation poses, follow up poses and counter poses.

Long Version Plans

Each lesson plan you create comes with a long version lesson plan which is a great handout to give to your students. They’re also ideal for creating the detailed plans needed during Yoga teacher training.

100,000 Yoga Lesson Plans

You’ll have access to a community of yoga teachers who have shared 100K+ yoga lesson plans. Download free yoga lesson plans here.

Drag & Drop Technology

You can create yoga lesson plans effortlessly with our time-saving drag & drop technology.

5000+ Pre-filled Pose Descriptions

You’ll have access to 5000+ pre-filled and editable yoga poses. Or add your own teaching steps.

One Click Lesson Plans

Click “Ask Genie” and an advanced yoga sequencing algorithm will instantly create a yoga lesson plan for you.

Getting Started Steps

We’ve got you covered (even if you hardly know how to turn a computer on) with our video tutorial suite.

Access New Poses

Each week new yoga poses are added to the Yoga Genie Lesson Planner. You will receive access to them all.


Pose Cues

Quickly and easily add cues to each pose (e.g. repeat x2, inhale, exhale,  switch sides).

Stream Lesson Plans

Each lesson plan you create comes with a video stream which is ideal to give to students so they can practice at home.

Copy Lesson Plans

Click the Copy Button to copy a lesson plan. This is a huge time-saver if you’re planning a 6-week course.

Mobile, Tablet & iPhone Friendly

You’ll be able to create and view yoga lesson plans on all your devices including mobile, tablet, and iPad. 

Search Sanskrit Names

You can search all the 5000+ poses by their English or Sanskrit names

Request A Pose

Requesting new poses is easy from within the Dashboard. Within 24 hours the pose will be added to the planner.

Create Courses

You’ll be able to organise your lesson plans into courses. 

Merge Lesson Plans

If you want to merge multiple lesson plans into one plan, you can by clicking the “Merge Plans” button.

5000+ Poses In 83 Yoga Categories

Experience the convenience of the Online Yoga Lesson Planner, where you can effortlessly explore over 5000 poses distributed across 83 categories. The ideal pose is just a click away, making your yoga lesson planning quick and straightforward.

16 Main Categories

Ashtanga, Bandhas, Bolster Yoga, Chair Yoga, Face Yoga, Hatha Yoga, Kundalini Yoga, Laughter Yoga, Mantras, Meditations, Mudras, Partner Yoga, Pranayama, Pregnancy Yoga, Relaxation, and Strap Yoga.

7 Chakra Categories

Base, Sacral Centre, Solar Plexus Centre, Heart Centre, Throat Centre, Third Eye, and Crown Centre.

39 Therapy Categories

Anxiety, Arthritis, Asthma, Back Pain, Bronchitis, Cancer, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, Confidence Building, Constipation, Depression, Diabetes, Elderly People, Enlarged Prostate, Eye fatigue, Fatigue, Fever, High Blood Pressure, HIV positive, Headaches, Herniated Spinal Disc, Hypertension, Immune Support, Indigestion, Insomnia, Jet Lag, Leg Congestion, Menopause, Menstrual Disorders, Neck Pain, Obesity, Osteoporosis, Poor Posture, Prostate Disorders, Sexual Debility, Sinusitis, Stress, and Varicose Veins. 

16 Types Categories

Arm Balance, Back Bend, Balance, Chest Opener, Forward Bend, Hip Opener, Inversion, Pawanmuktasana, Prone, Restorative, Seated, Seated & Floor, Side Bend, Standing, Strengthen, Stretch, Supine and Twist.

12 Anatomy Categories

Arms & Shoulders, Biceps & Triceps, Core, Hamstrings, Hips, Knees, Lower Back, Middle Back, Neck, Psoas, Wrists & Arms, and Upper Back.

8 Drishti Categories

Eyebrow, Navel, Side, Thumb, Tip Of Nose, Tips Of Feet, Tips Of Hands, and Up.

3 Lesson Plans In 1

Explore the enchantment of the Online Yoga Lesson Planner, effortlessly conjuring not just one but three distinct plans for your yoga sessions, as if by magic.

3 Plans In 1

Okay George, Give Me A Few Ideas On How To Find The Perfect Pose When Creating A Lesson Plan

You’ve got the Online Yoga Lesson Planner.

You’ve logged in.

You’ve got access to 5000+ yoga poses within 83 categories.

Now what? 

Let’s say that you need a seated pose that’s good for your arms and shoulders. Easy. With a click of the ‘arms and shoulders’ button, you’ll be shown dozens of seated poses that are good for arms and shoulders.

Or maybe you need to create a yoga lesson plan for a private student who has arthritis. No problem. With a click of the ‘arthritis’ button, you’ll be shown dozens of poses that help ease the symptoms of arthritis.

Or perhaps you’re feeling daring and need a couple of laughter yoga exercises to spice up your lesson plan and lighten the mood in your yoga class. We’ve got your back. With a click of the ‘laugher yoga’ button, you’ll be shown dozens of laughter yoga exercises.

The perfect pose is just one click away.

You can take a quick peek at some of the 5000+ poses within the Online Yoga Lesson Planner here in our Yoga Pose Directory.

Yoga Student Management System

Experience the convenience of the “Yoga Student Management System” within the Online Yoga Lesson Planner. Effortlessly store and manage individual lesson plans securely, streamlining your workflow and saving valuable time, especially beneficial for those teaching numerous one-to-one sessions. Enhance your organizational efficiency and focus more on what matters – delivering exceptional yoga teaching experiences to your students.


5 Star Yoga Lesson Planner

“This is a very useful kit for those who are just starting out with teaching yoga. Lots of useful lesson plans and planners. All in all a very useful aid to have at your side when starting out teaching.”

Paul Wooding

UK Yoga Teacher Trainer

“I have recently purchased this product and this is fantastic. To my knowledge, this is the only tool of its kind. This is making my life so much easier, I can now prepare a yoga lesson plan in minutes. This is the end of procrastination. Thank you. George Watts is a Yogi with a vision!”

Cecile Pons

UK Yoga Teacher

“I am having such fun going through all the resources in the lesson planning kit! Already have decided to do a 10 week plan and issue it to the kids next term. Had already decided to do something on the koshas so it’ll be fun getting it ready….and won’t take anything like the time!!! I love all the different bits. I love the tips, the meditation bits and all the posture bits. Well, all of it. It pulls together so many ideas that float around in my brain, my computer, my office, my classroom and elsewhere!  You will laugh: because I am so sad and need to read things on paper to really sort of “get” them, I printed it all off to sit on the sofa and read and get familiar with. Well, I went through a lot of paper (oh dear, I hear you cringing ecologically, I’m kind of sorry I did it too in a way)…and it’s a good thing my husband’s away as I’ll have time to replace the paper, replace the ink cartridge etc. But I can now appreciate what I’ve got and start thinking about what I’m going to do. I am trying to get more computer minded (I mean I use it all the time at school for various things) and have already played the video about how to do a lesson plan, which doesn’t look difficult at all. Keep up all the wonderful work!”

Jo Chadwick

UK Yoga Teacher

“This lesson plan kit is such a huge resource when it comes to planning a yoga class, you’ve thought of everything George!  I’m still finding my way around the many, many pages and using it every week to help plan my classes, it is a great help!  Thanks for making it available to all.”

Victoria James

UK Yoga Teacher

“The Lesson plan kit has been a great investment to me. Not only is it jam packed full of tips, useful handouts, and  ideas it is user friendly (even if your not a whizz on the computer – like me!) and  it saves a great deal of time in the planning dept! When I first started teaching I really struggled with lesson planning. It took me ages and gave me a headache! But this kit saved me time, gave me new ideas and really helped boost my confidence to walk into a class with a professional looking plan. You can continually add new plans  and it saves you having bits of plans/ideas written all over the place. I use it every week to create my plans whether I am teaching regular hatha, pregnancy, seniors or private clients. Money well spent!”

Julie Morris

UK Yoga Teacher

“Given all the apps we have available these days, I was skeptical about the seemingly steep price of another gimmicky ‘kit,’ but I have to say, this package is far beyond any Teacher resource I have ever come across, truly. Where to begin? Well, George provides over two thousand yoga stick figures for creating your own class sequences, and just as many yoga templates and handouts for students. This component of the kit alone comprises over 65 PAGES of information on how to modify postures for all levels of experience, in addition to contraindications and precautions. Lesson Plans for Power Yoga, Vinyasa Yoga, Beginner’s Yoga, Prenatal Yoga, Kid’s Yoga, Templates, and Handouts are all included in this phenomenal deal.”

Eryn Kirkwood

Canadian Yoga Teacher

“The lesson planning kit has revolutionised my teaching. As a part-time yoga teacher this has been especially helpful. I am able to spend more time teaching and less planning and feeling more professional. I use it for regular weekly class planning and also for planning yoga courses. It’s also a fantastic tool of inspiration and is jam-packed with ideas my students have loved. Thanks so much George for this wonderful resource.”

Ruth White

Australian Yoga Teacher

“The Yoga Teacher Lesson Plan Kit is a valuable tool to have for a Yoga Teacher.  It is wonderfully easy to use and significantly cuts down the time spent in lesson planning while offering a wide range of creative themes and insights. George, I want to compliment you on the kits you provide to us (yoga teachers).”

Susanne Wagner

Canadian Yoga Teacher

“The Yoga Teacher Lesson plan Kit & the Yoga Studio Kit are wonderful resources for the experienced Yoga Teachers as well as new Yoga students working on their Teacher’s Certification. There is so much vital information! It really blew my mind how much there was!  I have started my Yoga business plan a few different times and never finished it because it is too time consuming! Thanks to George and his marvelous Yoga kits we can get things organized in a much better and faster way. It’s like having a universal “cheat sheet” for your Yoga Studio that nobody else knows about but you. I loved the first kit so much I bought another kit! I would highly recommend them all!”

Eva Wright

USA Yoga Teacher

“The Yoga Lesson Plan Kit is a must have for all yoga teachers out there! George has thought of every detail that you need to create your lessons, making it so quick and easy, it’s truly wonderful. I can’t wait to purchase the rest of his yoga kits. The on-going service you get from George too is so efficient & outstanding, I couldn’t be happier. Thank you George.”

Helen Gray

USA Yoga Teacher

“I am just coming to the end of my Diploma in Teaching Yoga and found the answer to all my prayers with George Watt’s Yoga Teacher Lesson Planning Kit. For less than £100 I have everything I need to set up my yoga teaching practice with tried and tested yoga sessions for every age and ability. I am also looking forward to designing my own plans in the not too distant future. The breadth and range of the content is mind-boggling – in a good way. Thanks George for sharing your plans and passion.”

Jane Gallagher

UK Yoga Teacher

“The Yoga Teacher Lesson Plan Kit is great!!!  ‘Great’ couldn’t describe how good it is.  It has lots of information to help any yoga teacher.  The Ask Genie Yoga Genie Lesson Planner makes creating yoga lessons a snap. What could be easier than drag and drop and make changes in a few clicks?  It is really a time saver.  Thank you very much for creating these great tools, George.”

Wen Leu

USA Yoga Teacher

“The yoga lesson plan kit is of great value. It is informative, easy to follow and a must for student and qualified Yoga Teachers. Thank you George.”

Mel Davitt

UK Yoga Teacher

“I find the yoga lesson plan kit inspiring and so easy to follow.  I love that there are so many ‘goodies’ – more and more relevent and useful surprises keep coming. It’s no-nonsense, practical and relevent stuff.  I am loving these resources but wish I had discovered them when I first started teaching.”

Charlotte Hamilton

Australian Yoga Teacher

“I really did benefit from your Lesson Plan kit. Firstly I used the “personal folders” idea. Obviously I used my own picture, but used your design. My students really loved it. Secondly I used the themes you suggested on your Lesson Plan Kit, and did a 9 Week Lesson Plan (up to Xmas), and included this in the Folder as well.  Thirdly I am going to use your Halloween idea as having fun this coming lesson. I love your creativity and it inspires me to be more creative myself.   There is only one “criticism” – there is too much in it (joke!).  There is a lot of work in it and thank you very much for sharing your knowledge with us. Wish you all the best – hoping that you will produce more.”

Ilkay Ozcan

UK Yoga Teacher

“Since signing up to George’s website, I have found pulling together my lesson plans a dream, in fact all my administration is now simple and easy, it has become something I choose to do rather than put it off! Thanks George.”

Natalie Creasy

UK Yoga Teacher

“The Yoga teacher lesson plan kit has been very useful in helping me to structure my yoga  classes. It is a very useful resource for any yoga teacher.

Keith Francis

UK Yoga Teacher

“I really am impressed with the amount of great information – details – templates – pictures!  Even notes that have helped with my training!  I will be using this kit for a very long time!  Thank you so much!  Well worth every penny!”

Chris Elersich

USA Yoga Teacher

“As a new teacher I have found the Yoga Teacher Lesson Plan Kit so helpful. I started out covering classes at a busy yoga centre and the kit made it so easy to put together a variety of different types of classes. Now I am teaching more one to one classes I find it really helpful to give a client a really clear short lesson plan to take home. I have also used the music for some restorative classes too! Thanks so much.”

Katie Thomson

UK Yoga Teacher

“The Yoga Teacher Lesson Plan Kit is an extremely inspiring piece of work. Whether you want to enhance your way of preparing your lessons, or need to find new ways of delivering your service to your students then The Yoga Teacher Lesson Plan Kit will support you with this aspiration. Thanks for sharing your insights with others George.”

Stewart Jones

UK Yoga Teacher

“George Watts’ Yoga Teacher Lesson Plan Kit is amazing; an absolute time-saver!  His Lesson Plans Kit is a treasure trove of lesson plans, resources, creative artwork, and media for yoga teachers and their yoga students. George provides step-by-step videos that demonstrate HOW to easily develop a yoga lesson plan in less than 15 minutes with no real thinking involved!  George has thought it all out for you while allowing flexibility to make each lesson your very own. GENIUS! George Watts has a gift for TEACHING and the yoga industry is fortunate to have his talent and creativity on its side. Yoga teachers will not be disappointed with this purchase; it is definitely worth the financial investment.”

Patty Browning

UK Yoga Teacher

“Hi George,  I just wanted to say Thank you for your fantastic lesson plan kit. I am a yoga teacher and this material is just a dream. I love my work so much and to have teaching aids like these has made my classes easier to prepare and my students very happy with the lovely hand outs. I am truly delighted. THANK YOU!!!!!”

Belinda White

UK Yoga Teacher

“I am enjoying integrating the (George Watts) Yoga Teacher’s Lesson Plan Kit tools into my teaching & development – it saves time & delivers value. The ease and simplicity of the copy and paste asanas creates lesson plans almost instantly and the additional ongoing yoga resources – makes this an outstanding package.”

Sarah Rush

UK Yoga Teacher

“Thank you so much for the Yoga Teacher Lesson Plan Kit, it is fantastic, so much choice I feel like a child in a sweet shop I have found it really easy to use and so quick to produce a lesson plan, I also like all the extras like the hand-outs. Thanks again.”

Jan Simpson

Spanish Yoga Teacher

“The Yoga Teacher Lesson Plan Kit is AMAZING.  It has soooo much information. It’s like a RYT-200 and RYT-500 training all in one. There is so much valuable information, your classes can’t help but be anything but amazing after using this kit! Thanks, George, for all of the hard work and hours you’ve invested and for your quick response when I had a question. You’ve saved me a TON of hours in class planning. You have helped me to have the best classes ever! I will definitely be ordering more kits from you. A great value for the money. This information would have cost me hundreds if not thousands to purchase separately. God bless.”

Teresa Ferguson

USA Yoga Teacher

“For me, lesson planning was a total nightmare, often taking a couple of days labour, I hated it and had exhausted all options of making it easier. I stumbled across George’s Yoga Teacher Lesson Plan Kit on YouTube and saw this as the answer to everything for me to re lesson planning…and I wasn’t wrong. The Yoga Teacher Lesson Plan Kit has saved my sanity – it’s an excellent resource that every yoga teacher/student teacher should have in their toolbox and worth every penny”.

Shola Cochrane

UK Yoga Teacher

When You Join Us, You’ll Receive All These Bonuses

100,000+ Shared Yoga Lesson Plans

Gain entry to a vibrant community of over 2000 yoga teachers from around the world, all enthusiastic about sharing their yoga lesson plans. Not only that, but you’ll also have the seamless ability to effortlessly edit any of the 100,000+ lesson plans generously shared by your fellow community members. Connect, collaborate, and enhance your teaching experience within this dynamic global network.

Yoga Retreat Kit

Unlock the Yoga Retreat Kit as part of this bonus package. This comprehensive kit equips you with all the essential resources used by George Watts, a full-time yoga teacher, to seamlessly plan and promote successful yoga retreats.

Royalty Free Yoga eBooks Collection

Explore a collection of over 30 eBooks in this exclusive bonus, all free from copyright restrictions, allowing you to generously share them as gifts with your students. Despite being copyright-free, rest assured that the quality is good, with many of these eBooks authored by renowned yogis. Enhance your teaching materials with these valuable resources, fostering deeper connections with your students through the gift of knowledge.

23 Royalty Free Yoga Class Music Tracks

Experience a harmonious blend of music crafted exclusively for yoga teachers to elevate their classes. Our specially curated tracks are designed to instil a sense of calm and serenity in your students’ bodies and minds. The complete album comprises 23 high-quality tracks, each ranging from 4 to 10 minutes, totalling an impressive 4 hours of soothing melodies and diverse instrumental sounds.

What sets these tracks apart is their royalty-free nature. Unlike copyrighted music that requires licensing from the PRS (Performing Rights Society), our tracks offer a cost-effective solution. By using these 23 royalty-free tracks, you can ethically enhance your classes without the worry of infringing on music laws. 

Pregnancy Yoga Lesson Planner

Introducing the Pregnancy Yoga Lesson Plan Kit — a comprehensive solution to effortlessly craft yoga lesson plans tailored for pregnancy. Having personally taught yoga to expectant mothers for years, I understand the meticulous research and dedication it takes to ensure the safety of both mother and baby. To streamline this process for you, I’ve curated a wealth of resources within the Online Yoga Lesson Planner, featuring hundreds of pregnancy-specific yoga poses.

This kit includes specialized resources such as a Yoga lesson plan template for each trimester, a curated collection of pregnancy yoga handouts, a convenient student attendance form, customizable booking form templates, a feedback form template, a folder cover template, a class questionnaire, and a waiver form — all exclusively designed for pregnancy yoga classes. 

Sun Salutations Lesson Plan Bundle

With the SUN SALUTATIONS BUNDLE BONUS, you’ll receive 3 versions of Sun Salutations (A, B, C). Surya Namaskar A is a good option for starting your students off slowly because it’s a slightly watered-down version of Sun Salutations. Once your students get good at Surya Namaskar A, you could teach them a few harder versions such as Surya Namaskar B and C.

The Sun Salutations Bundle Includes:

* Sun salutations A lesson plan
* Sun salutations A lesson plan (short version)
* Sun salutations B lesson plan
* Sun salutations B lesson plan (short version)
* Sun salutations C lesson plan
* Sun salutations C lesson plan (short version)
* Sun Salutations Tips eBook
* Sun Salutations With Mantras Chart (MS Word)
* Sun Salutations Infographic (PNG & JPG)
* 6 Week Course Plan Template (MS Word)
* Chair Pose (handout)
* Downward Facing Dog (handout)
* Mountain Pose (handout)

Plus, there are dozens of “Sun Salutations Lesson Plans” within the Yoga Genie Lesson Planner. That means you’ll be able to copy a sun salutations lesson plan with a click of a button, edit it (e.g. add new poses), and change the title of it. For example, instead of “Sun Salutations”, you could call it something like: “Let Your Inner Sun Shine“. You can instantly turn an average yoga class into an inspiring yoga class by giving your class the gift of a “theme”. The good news is there are loads of Sun Salutations themes you can use.

4 Sun Salutation Theme Examples

Theme 1
Feel The Ground Beneath You

Most of us in this crazy, fast Word don’t feel very secure and stable physically or mentally. Practising Sun Salutations is a great way to become grounded by being aware of the ground beneath us. Ask your students to feel roots growing under their feet when they’re in Mountain, Forward Bend and Downward Dog pose. The longer they stay in the pose, the deeper the roots grow and the more grounded they become.

Theme 2
Let Your Inner Sun Shine

Ask your students to allow themselves to enjoy the sequence. A nice trick to help this is to ask them to smile while practising Sun Salutations.

Theme 3
Invent Your Own Sun Salutations

Ask your students to use their intuition to come up with their own variations of Sun Salutation. It’s one of the easiest sequences to spice up. For example, the advanced students may want to make it a wee bit tougher by adding a side stretch pose. A student with arthritis may get a chair and do some Chair Sun Salutations. Let your students know there are no rules, and no right or wrong. Just let your hair down and unleash the child within.

Theme 4
Mantra Chanting

Adding mantras to Sun Salutations is a whole lot of fun for the class.

It also adds a spiritual and meditative aspect to the practice. The Sun Salutations B Lesson Plan (see above) has a Sun Salutations With Mantras Handout. Or you can come up with your own mantra for each pose? Or maybe you could even ask the class to come up with a mantra for each pose? You could split the class up into groups of two, and each pair has to come up with a mantra to share with the group. The class then learns the mantras while performing the poses. This is a great way to unleash creativity in the group and will turn into more of a “laughter yoga class” which is a lot of fun.

Yin Yang Yoga Lesson Plan Bundle

Unlock the exclusive “Yin Yang Yoga Lesson Plan Bundle” with this bonus package, available for separate purchase on my site here. Everything necessary to effortlessly host and promote a Yin Yang yoga class, workshop, or retreat is included in this comprehensive bundle.

Chair Yoga Lesson Plan Bundle

Access an exclusive bonus bundle, available separately on my site here, featuring a comprehensive “chair lesson plan bundle.” Everything you require to effortlessly host and promote a thriving chair yoga class, workshop, or retreat is included in this invaluable package.

Yoga Lesson Planning Video Tutorials

Elevate your teaching experience with our exclusive bonus – video tutorials on the art of yoga lesson planning. Unlock a treasure trove of tips that will transform ordinary yoga lesson plans into unforgettable experiences for your students. Craft sessions that leave a lasting impression, making your classes truly memorable.

Unlimited Pose Requests

Despite having an extensive collection of over 5000 poses in the Online Yoga Lesson Planner, the possibilities for modifications are infinite. If you desire a new pose or modification, simply click the “Request A Pose” button on the dashboard, and I’ll promptly add it for you within 48 hours! 

Access 100,000+ Yoga Lesson Plans

Gain entry to an extensive library of 100,000+ yoga lesson plans, and revel in the continuous addition of dozens of new plans daily. This invaluable resource allows you to effortlessly copy, edit, and integrate fresh content into your lesson plans regularly.

250+ Yoga Class Handouts

Introducing an extensive collection of over 250 meticulously crafted yoga class handouts, a bonus curated to enhance your teaching journey with unparalleled resources. These handouts, developed since 2010, have been a cornerstone of my teaching practice, saving countless hours of research and preparation.

Here’s what you gain access to:

  1. Asana Handouts: From BACKBENDS to WHEEL, explore detailed handouts for a wide array of yoga poses.
  2. Asana Sequences Handouts: Dive into sequences like ENERGY YOGA SEQUENCE, FLOOR SEQUENCE, and more to enrich your class planning.
  3. Bolster Yoga Handouts: Explore variations like BACKBEND WITH BLOCK and SEATED CROSS LEGGED, maximizing the benefits of bolster yoga.
  4. Chair Yoga Handouts: Engage your students with chair yoga through handouts like ARM STRETCH and SIDE STRETCH.
  5. Mantra & Chants Handouts: Infuse spiritual elements with mantras like ANG SANG WAHE GURU and PEACE CHANT.
  6. Meditation & Visualisation Handouts: Enhance mindfulness with meditation resources like PINK BUBBLE MEDITATION and ZEN MEDITATION.
  7. Mudra Handouts: Explore mudras like APANA MUDRA and GANESHA MUDRA for holistic well-being.
  8. Partner Yoga Handouts: Foster connection through partner yoga with handouts like BACK BEND & SQUAT and SEATED BOW.
  9. Yoga Philosophy Handouts: Delve into the philosophical aspects with handouts on topics like 8 LIMBS OF YOGA and MOSKHA & MAYAS.
  10. Pranayama Handouts: Master the art of breath with guidance on practices like ALTERNATE NOSTRIL BREATH and UDDIYANA BANDHA.
  11. Pregnancy Yoga Handouts: Safely guide expectant mothers with poses to avoid and trimester-specific yoga poses.
  12. Relaxation Handouts: Unwind with relaxation techniques like BODY SCAN and TENSE & RELEASE RELAXATION.
  13. Therapy Yoga Handouts: Address specific concerns such as RHEUMATOID ARTHRITIS YOGA and YOGA FOR SLEEP.
  14. Warm-Up Yoga Handouts: Prepare your students with effective warm-up routines like CIRCLE THE HIPS and SHRUGS.

And the list goes on!

This bonus is a treasure trove for yoga teachers, offering teaching aids, handouts for your classes, and templates for crafting your handouts. You can download several of these handouts for FREE here

Yoga Teacher Forms Collection

Unlock a complete set of essential forms tailored for every aspect of your yoga teaching journey with this bonus.

This exclusive package includes:

  • Student Attendance Form
  • Student Feedback Form
  • Yoga Questionnaire 1
  • Yoga Questionnaire 2
  • Yoga Student Waiver Form

Streamline your administrative tasks and enhance your teaching experience with these comprehensive and professionally crafted forms, designed to meet all your needs as a yoga instructor.

101 Live Yoga Classes in MP3 Format

Unlock the fastest and easiest path to mastery in any subject, including yoga instruction, by tapping into the wisdom of experts. Immerse yourself in the teachings of seasoned professionals, understanding the nuances that make them exceptional instructors. Let me introduce a bonus that simplifies your journey: over 100 hours of authentic yoga classes led by real teachers, delivered live and unplugged. Unlike sessions designed for a camera, these audios provide an immersive experience, delving deep into the essence of teaching. Immerse yourself in this invaluable resource, and effortlessly absorb proven yoga teaching tactics into your subconscious, amplifying your expertise while retaining your unique personality. 

Yoga For Golfers Lesson Plan Bundle

With this bonus bundle (sold separately on my site here) you’ll receive a “yoga for golfers lesson plan bundle”, and everything you need to host and promote a successful yoga for golfers class, workshop or retreat. 

Sciatica Yoga Lesson Plan Bundle

Unlock the “Yoga for Sciatica Lesson Plan Bundle” with this exclusive bonus package. This comprehensive package equips you with everything essential to effortlessly host and promote a successful yoga for sciatica class, workshop, or retreat. The bundle comprises a recorded “Yoga for Sciatica” webinar, a soothing sciatica lesson plan in both short and long versions, and a variety of handouts for your students.

1 2 1 Yoga Teaching Case Study

Unlock an exclusive bonus: the One-to-One Yoga Case Study. Dive into the comprehensive resources that I created during a 6-week, one-to-one course with a student, meeting once a week. This bonus features the exclusive One-to-One Yoga teacher formula, lots of teaching tips for one-to-one sessions, a customizable One-to-One yoga questionnaire template, a meticulously crafted One-to-One yoga lesson plan complete with aims and objectives, and a collection of informative student handouts.

501 Yoga Lesson Planning Tips eBook

Embark on a transformative journey with access to a treasure trove of over 500 yoga lesson-planning tips meticulously gathered over several years. This invaluable resource covers a wide spectrum, including insights into the 12 PARTS OF A YOGA CLASS, 101 IMAGERY PHRASES, 101 SANSKRIT TRANSLATIONS, guidance on incorporating MUDRAS INTO POSES, and ANATOMY and PHYSIOLOGY.

Discover the art of crafting a BALANCED LESSON PLAN, and learn the importance of authenticity, connection, and embodying the role of a vehicle for transformation. Explore innovative approaches like BECOMING A LION and delve into the creation of a bespoke YOGA CARD DECK. Receive guidance on CHAIR YOGA TIPS, effectively CONNECTING WITH NEW STUDENTS, and avoiding common pitfalls like becoming a “COUNTER POSE NUT.”

Navigate the intricacies of sequencing, understand the significance of FLOWING SERIES, and recognise FORWARD BEND as your neutral gear. Delight in unconventional suggestions such as hosting a HERBAL TEA PARTY and implementing ESSENTIAL OIL IN THE PALM during sessions.

Elevate your teaching with practical tools like LESSON PLAN FOLDERS, valuable advice on writing notes during 1 TO 1 SESSIONS, and MODIFICATIONS CHART catering to different student categories. Gain insights into the art of positive reinforcement and the power of PRANAYAMA PRESCRIPTION. Learn the subtle nuances of projecting your voice to command the room, the elegance of shouting, and effective ways to PROMOTE CLASSES ON FACEBOOK.

Uncover the secrets of planning SEQUENCES around specific yoga poses, whether standing, sitting, or incorporating twists. Explore the world of YOGIC READINGS and tap into the transformative potential of YOGA AS A FAMILY ACTIVITY. This comprehensive collection goes beyond conventional wisdom, offering gems of wisdom to enhance your teaching practice.

You’ll Also Get This Extensive Collection Of Yoga Teacher Business Resources

Access an extensive collection of invaluable Yoga teacher business resources meticulously crafted to boost attendance at my yoga classes. Initiated in 2010, these resources have evolved over the past decade, with over 100 hours invested in testing, refining, and incorporating new elements.

Gain comprehensive access to this wealth of knowledge that should have been an integral part of your yoga teacher training course! Elevate your teaching career and watch your classes flourish with these proven business resources at your fingertips.

148 Page Yoga Teacher Marketing Plan

Unlock a comprehensive Yoga Marketing Plan crafted by a Full-Time Yoga Teacher with a 4-year Business Degree and a decade-long career as a business consultant. Transitioning from marketing consultancy to yoga teaching in 2010, I have meticulously tested and refined over 100 yoga marketing tactics, now compiled in this invaluable Yoga Marketing Plan.

Why is effective marketing crucial for your yoga classes? Without it, the chances of filling your classes are minimal. Struggling with less than 10 attendees is neither financially nor emotionally sustainable. If you’re facing low turnout, it’s not a reflection of your teaching skills but likely a gap in marketing knowledge. Until now…

Explore the rich content of the Yoga Marketing Plan, including:

  • Revenue Streams (121 Yoga, Yoga Classes, 10 Week Courses, 1 Year Courses, Sell Yoga Products, Yoga Day or Weekend, Yoga Retreat, Niche Yoga DVD, Niche Yoga Kindle Book)
  • Marketing Articles (Write for Papers & Magazines, BNI Club, Discounts for Students, Free Business Advice, Classified Adverts, and more)
  • Strategies for Networking, Forums, Google Groups, Link Exchange, Local Directories, Press Releases, SEO Marketing, Social Media, and much more.
  • Specialized approaches for Sports Yoga (Badminton, Cricket, Football, Rugby, Tennis, Walking)
  • Templates for Student Attendance and Evaluation Forms
  • Talks, Tax Deductions, and Yoga Website Development
  • Crafting Feature Articles for Magazines, Writing Online Articles, and leveraging platforms like
  • Innovative tools from Vistaprint for promotional materials like Bumper Stickers, Flyers, Loyalty Cards, and more.

This bonus provides a holistic guide to transform your yoga teaching journey through strategic marketing, enabling you to attract and retain more students effectively. Elevate your yoga business with actionable insights and proven tactics!

Yoga Studio Business Plan Kit

Unlock complete access to the Yoga Studio Business Plan Kit, meticulously crafted for my venture, and now available to guide you in planning your dream yoga studio. This kit encompasses a wealth of tips, tools, and templates, providing you with essential resources to streamline the planning process for your envisioned yoga studio.

Yoga Flyer Collection (MS Word)

Access my professionally designed “Yoga Flyers” in MS Word, crafted originally to promote my own yoga classes. Seamlessly edit these flyers by replacing my contact details with yours, and you’ll be ready to print.

Just as a Circus strategically advertises with flyers weeks before arriving, leveraging these eye-catching yoga flyers can potentially double or even triple your class attendance. The Yoga Flyer Collection comprises various sizes, including A4, A5, and A6, ensuring you have the versatility to attract a broader audience to your yoga classes.

Yoga For Rugby Players Flyer Template

Access my yoga class flyer designed in MS Word, originally used to promote my classes. Simply substitute my contact details with yours, and you’re ready to print. I suggest visiting local rugby clubs to distribute this flyer – even if just one club expresses interest, your yoga class has the potential to significantly increase in size.

Yoga For Sciatica Flyer Template

This is a flyer I created in MS Word to promote my yoga classes. All you have to do is change my contact details with yours, and you’re ready to print. If you’re thinking of hosting a Yoga For Sciatica yoga class or workshop, you’ll have plenty of people interested in coming along because sciatica is a very common disorder. Approximately 40% of the UK population experiences sciatic pain at some point in their lives.

Yoga For Football Players Flyer Template

Access my MS Word yoga class flyer, originally designed to promote my own classes. Effortlessly customize it with your contact details, and it’s ready for printing. I suggest visiting local football clubs and distributing this flyer – if just one club expresses interest, your yoga class has the potential to double in size. In England alone, there are more than 140 individual leagues with over 480 divisions, encompassing 7,000 teams and numerous football players. This extensive network provides a prime opportunity to attract new participants to your yoga classes.

Yoga Logo Collection

Discover 45 professionally designed yoga logos in both JPG and PNG formats. Finding a visually appealing yoga logo can be challenging, and hiring a graphic designer can be costly. Save both time and money by selecting from this collection of ready-made yoga logos.

Christmas Flyer Template Collection

Unlock my MS Word yoga class flyer, initially designed to promote my classes. Simply personalize it with your contact details, and it’s ready for printing. Capitalize on the festive season by using these seven Christmas-themed yoga flyers – the perfect time to advertise your classes with the abundance of New Year Resolutions being made during Christmas and New Year celebrations. Many individuals will have “Start going to a yoga class” on their New Year’s Resolution lists, making these Christmas yoga flyers particularly advantageous.

Yoga Flyer Template (MS Publisher Format)

Access my yoga class flyer crafted in MS Publisher, initially created to promote my classes. Effortlessly customize it by replacing my contact details with yours, and it’s ready for printing.

Yoga Invoice Templates

Access three professionally designed invoices in MS Word, created for my own yoga business. Effortlessly customize these templates by replacing my contact details with yours, ensuring you send out polished and professional-looking invoices for your own yoga business.

Yoga For Seniors Flyer Template

Unlock my MS Word yoga class flyer, initially designed to promote my classes. Customize it seamlessly by replacing my contact details with yours, and it’s ready for printing. I suggest distributing this flyer to your local hospitals and surgeries – with 15.5 million people in the UK aged over 65 and showing increased health consciousness, they may be actively searching for local yoga classes, making this poster particularly appealing to this demographic.

Yoga Powerpoint Presentation Templates

Gain access to these informative yoga PowerPoint presentations, perfect for delivering engaging talks on yoga. The templates are available in a variety of colours, including grey, orange, green, pink, blue, and brown, allowing you to choose the one that suits your presentation style and preferences.

Yoga For Cancer Flyer Template

This MS Word yoga class flyer, crafted to promote my classes, is now yours to customize. Simply replace my contact details with yours, and it’s ready for printing. If your expertise lies in therapeutic yoga, consider visiting local hospitals and cancer treatment specialists, and asking them to display this poster. 

Marketing Letter Templates Collection
Unlock the power of effective marketing with these marketing letters that I used to skyrocket my class attendance. These letters, originally sent to my local golf club, football club, rugby club, and secondary school, resulted in overwhelming success—prompting me to open another class and establish waiting lists for my classes. Now, you can seize this opportunity and obtain these top-secret letters. You’ll also receive 8 captivating yoga letterhead templates to add a professional touch to your promotional correspondence. 
12 Page Yoga Teacher Business Plan

Introducing my personally crafted Yoga Business Plan, a strategic roadmap designed for success in the world of yoga teaching.

Table Of Contents:

1.0 Executive Summary
1.1 Objectives
1.2 Mission

2.0 Yoga Teacher Summary
2.1 Class Locations & Times

3.0 Products and Services

4.0 Market Analysis Summary
4.1 Market Segmentation

5.0 Strategy and Implementation Summary
5.1 Competitive Edge
5.2 Sales Forecast
5.3 Sales Forecast
5.4 Three-Year Sales Forecast

Navigate through each section to gain a comprehensive understanding of how to structure and advance your yoga teacher business. This business plan draws from my personal experience, offering insights and strategies to help you establish a thriving presence in the yoga industry.

Yoga Bookkeeping Kit

Embrace simplicity with my user-friendly MS Word Yoga Bookkeeping Kit – a hassle-free alternative for those who prefer ease over spreadsheets.

Corporate Yoga Program Tips

Unlock a comprehensive guide featuring 101 invaluable tips to empower you in confidently launching your very own Corporate Yoga Program.

My Top Secret Marketing Template

Uncover a confidential marketing template that boosts my yoga teacher income by an additional £10,000 annually. I believe you’ll find it to be a valuable asset.

Yoga Classified Advert Template

Explore my yoga advertisement crafted in MS Word, initially designed to promote my classes. Simply edit it with your contact details. Placing a classified advertisement in local publications is an effective strategy for attracting new students to your classes. I use this advert in my Local What’s On magazine, costing only £10 a month and consistently bringing in approximately 3 to 4 new students monthly. At the bottom of the advert template, you’ll find my formula for creating attention-grabbing adverts, using elements like a compelling hook in the headline, a clear call to action, contact information, and a photo.

Yoga For Runners Flyer Template

Unlock my MS Word yoga class flyer, originally designed to promote my classes. Simply substitute my contact details with yours, and it’s ready for printing. I suggest reaching out to local running clubs and distributing this flyer – the interest from just one club could potentially double the size of your yoga class.

Yoga For Golfers Flyer Template

Access my MS Word yoga class flyer, designed originally for promoting my classes. Effortlessly customize it with your contact details, and it’s ready for printing. I suggest visiting local golf clubs and distributing this flyer. As a professional golfer, I can attest that many golfers suffer from back issues. With an average of 300 members per golf club, there’s significant potential to attract new students to your yoga classes, as golfers are keen on investing in anything that enhances their game and addresses back problems.

Yoga For Teachers Flyer Template

Access my MS Word yoga class flyer, crafted initially for promoting my classes. Simply update it with your contact details, and it’s ready for printing. I suggest visiting local schools, colleges, and universities, and distributing this flyer – even if just one educational institution displays it, your yoga class has the potential to double in size.

Corporate Yoga Flyer Template

Unlock my MS Word yoga class flyer, initially designed to promote my classes. Easily tailor it to your needs by replacing my contact details with yours, and it’s ready for printing. I suggest distributing this flyer to local businesses in your area – as many employees and owners are stressed and have disposable income.

Yoga For Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Flyer Template

Unlock my MS Word therapeutic yoga class flyer, originally crafted for promoting my classes. Customize it by substituting my contact details with yours, and it’s ready for printing. If you specialize in therapeutic yoga, consider distributing this poster to local hospitals and health food shops – it can be particularly relevant for people dealing with ME (Chronic Fatigue Syndrome), a serious illness affecting a significant population in the UK, and may attract those seeking relief through therapeutic yoga.

Yoga Brochure Collection

Access my collection of brochures in both MS Word and PSD formats, initially created for my yoga business. Easily customize these templates by replacing my contact details with yours, and they’re ready for printing. Leaving a few brochures at local businesses can be a highly effective way to attract more students to your classes. While each of these yoga brochures took me hours to design, all you need to do is spend one minute editing them with your name and class details.

Yoga For County Council Workers Flyer Template

Use this MS Word yoga class flyer, designed to promote my classes. Simply replace my contact details with yours, and it’s ready for printing. For effective outreach, consider visiting your local Town Council office and displaying several of these posters. Notably, 20% of my class attendees are county council workers who appreciate yoga as a stress-relief method, especially given their demanding workloads.

Yoga Coupon Templates

Give your students a delightful surprise with these 6 MS Word coupon templates. The set includes a Mother’s Day Coupon, Father’s Day Coupon, Christmas Coupon, Son’s Day Coupon, Daughter’s Day Coupon, and Friend’s Day Coupon. While there might not be official Son, Daughter, or Friend’s days, I’ve created these for a special touch! Encourage your students to gift them to their loved ones. Witness the magic of attracting new students with this charming strategy.


Hey, if you’ve made it this far (I’m impressed!), but you may have some questions for me? If the question you’ve got rolling around in your head isn’t covered below (naughty George!), then why not do something a bit outrageous – email me. 

“Who created the Online Yoga Lesson Planner?

Meet George Watts, a dedicated full-time BWY yoga teacher located in West Wales. The mastermind behind the Online Yoga Lesson Planner, George initially crafted this resource for his personal use in 2010. Fast forward to today, and it undergoes daily updates, brimming with an array of yoga lesson-planning treasures tailored for fellow yoga teachers.

“Is the Online Yoga Lesson Planner compatible with Macs?”


“Am I able to change the wording within the poses with my own phrases and explanations?”


“How do I search for poses in the Online Yoga Lesson Planner?”

Searching for poses is easy and convenient.

Here are three options you can use:

  1. Drag & Drop: Easily drag and drop poses directly into your lesson plan.
  2. Search By Name: Find poses by entering either the English or Sanskrit name in the search bar.
  3. Search By Category: Explore poses through 80+ categories to quickly locate the ones you need.
“Can I request new poses within the Online Yoga Lesson Planner?”

Certainly! You are welcome to request as many poses as you’d like, and it’s absolutely free. Whether it’s a common pose or a unique modification, I’m here to assist you in enhancing your yoga lesson plans.

“Do I have access to pregnancy yoga poses?”

Absolutely! You will have access to an extensive collection of pregnancy yoga poses.

“How many poses are in the Online Yoga Lesson Planner?”

An impressive and ever-growing collection of over 5,000 yoga poses awaits you! We consistently introduce new poses every week to keep your options fresh and inspiring. To explore the complete selection, feel free to browse our Yoga Pose Directory, accessible to the public at no cost.

“Does the Online Yoga Lesson Planner create lesson plans for beginner and advanced students?”

Certainly! Recognizing the mix of beginners and advanced students in most yoga classes, the Online Yoga Lesson Planner is designed to meet this diverse need. The long version of each lesson plan is equipped with modifications, alternatives, and precautions. Offering alternative poses for advanced students and modifications for beginners, you can seamlessly adapt a single lesson plan to suit both levels. This flexibility allows you to effortlessly cater to both beginner and advanced classes using the same lesson plan.

“Am I able to save the Online Yoga Lesson Planner to my own drive?”

No, there’s no need to download any software. The Online Yoga Lesson Planner is accessible directly through the internet. It’s designed to be easily accessible on various devices such as smartphones, tablets, iPads, and PCs. The best part is that it won’t take up any storage space on your devices. Additionally, you have the option to download any of the 100,000+ yoga lesson plans as PDFs or view them online, each with its unique URL.

"Can I edit poses within the Online Yoga Lesson Planner?"

Absolutely! You have full flexibility to edit poses according to your preferences. Additionally, you can use and customize the pre-filled pose content, encompassing English and Sanskrit pose names, teaching steps, benefits, modifications, precautions, alternatives, and precautions. Tailor the information to suit your teaching style and class requirements.

“Can I copy and edit any of the 100,000+ lesson plans?”

Certainly! Replicating lesson plans is an effective method for mastering the art of lesson planning. After duplicating a plan, you have the flexibility to make edits and customize it to suit your specific needs.

“Can I copy my own lesson plans?”

Certainly! Simply click the “Copy Lesson Plan” button, and you can efficiently duplicate lesson plans, saving you valuable time, particularly when organizing a 6-week yoga course.

“Does each asana come with recommended preparation, follow up and counter poses?”

Absolutely! Each asana in the Online Yoga Lesson Planner is accompanied by recommended preparation, follow-up, and counter poses. This ensures a comprehensive approach to your yoga lesson planning, offering a well-rounded and structured experience for practitioners.

“Can I call you to ask a few questions?"

Absolutely! I enjoy connecting with fellow yoga teachers. Feel free to reach out to me, George, by phone at 02921 257770, or you can send an email to I’m here to assist and chat with you about any questions or concerns you may have.

"Can I have a personal tour of the Online Yoga Lesson Planner with you?"

Certainly! If you’d like a personal tour of the planner, please send me an email at We can arrange a tour using Skype screenshare or to guide you through the features and functionalities.

“Is the Online Yoga Lesson Planner compatible with Smartphones, Tablets & iPads?"

Yes, the Online Yoga Lesson Planner is fully compatible with smartphones, tablets, and iPads. You can conveniently access and use the planner on multiple devices, ensuring flexibility in your lesson-planning process.

"Can I email lesson plans to my students?"

Certainly! You can use the “Email Button” located on the lesson planner dashboard to send emails directly from the platform.

If I’ve answered all your questions and you’re ready to join us, follow these three steps…


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