Yoga For Cyclists Lesson Plan

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This is a good yoga lesson plan if you’re outside because it doesn’t require any props or sitting poses. The two breathing exercises in the yoga lesson plan can be done standing up.

Yoga For Cyclists: In The Park

30 to 90 minute class (or just pick one or more of the poses)

Beginner to advanced

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Yoga For Cyclists Lesson Plan (Short Version)

The short version is perfect for taking into class with you. It’s short and sweet.

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Yoga For Cyclists Lesson Plan (Long Version)

Breathing Exercises Handouts

The long version has everything you need to practice the lesson plan before getting to class. You can take it to class with you (but you may prefer to take the short version). The long version is a great handout to give to your students, especially your one-to-one students. It immediately shows your professionalism, and increases your expertise in the eyes of your students. I’ve also snuck in a few breathing exercises handouts for you, which are ideal for cyclists. 


Q & A

Below are common questions you may get from cyclists…

“Are yogic breathing exercises good for cyclists?” 

Yes. Yogic breathing exercises helps cyclists to focus on the task at hand and block out any negative thoughts during a difficult ride. Learning to take deep, quality breaths while you pedal is the main difference between amateur and pro riders.

“Will core yoga help cyclists?” 

Yes. Weakness in the core can result in lower back pain (a very common problem with cyclists). You can download the core yoga lesson plan series below…

Part 1 – downloadable core yoga lesson plan 

Part 2 – downloadable core yoga lesson plan

Part 3 – downloadable core yoga lesson plan

“My hips feel out of alignment. What poses can I do?” 

When cycling, the quadriceps, hamstrings, and hips never rest. As a result, riders often have overdeveloped quadriceps and tight hamstrings, which can pull the hips out of alignment. Squats will help to gently coax your entire pelvis back into its natural position.

“Is sitting in Easy Pose while meditating good for the core?” 

Yes. But you may not be able to stay in Easy Pose (legs crossed) for very long if you have a weak core. To begin with you may only be able to sit for a minute or two. That’s fine. Yoga isn’t a race…unlike your next bike race.

“What poses can I do to ease the strain in my back?

A cyclist’s spine is constantly flexed forward which can lead to muscle pain and strain in the back and shoulders. Yoga backbends help counter the hunched over handlebars position. And any yoga poses that engage the core will help take the strain off your back.

“What poses I can do to ease my tight hips and hip flexors?”

Low lunges are great for those mega tight quads and tight hip flexors. Low lunge will help to gently open the entire front of your leg and hip, and will even invite space into your pelvis and lower abdomen. It is a great stretch to take after your ride, or to add to your daily yoga practice.

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