Giving a one to one pregnancy yoga session, or pregnancy yoga class, can be daunting for new and experienced yoga teachers. So, to make your life a wee bit easier, I’d like to share with you three Pregnancy Yoga Lesson Plans that I created using the MS Word Yoga Lesson Planner.

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Avoid These Poses During Trimester 1, 2 and 3

Avoid Low-Lying Placenta
Stay away from certain poses if you have a low lying placenta (placenta praevia). Discuss your specific circumstance with your doctor.

Avoid Back Bends
Too much compression on lower vertebrae and stretches AB muscles too much.

Avoid Double Leg Lifts
Causes a lot of stress on the abdominals and lower back.

Avoid Holding The Breath
Restricts flow of oxygen to the foetus.

Avoid Jumping
Too much stress on the cervix.

Avoid Inversions
Can cause compression of placenta which may interrupt flow of oxygen to baby

Avoid Over Stretching
Ligaments & tendons soften during pregnancy but will not rebound if over stretched.

Do These Poses During Trimester I (Weeks 0-13)

Do Most Basic Poses
During Trimester 1 you’ll be able to do most basic poses unless you have a complication.  If you have a complication, get the green light from your doctor before continuing your yoga practice.

Do Standing Poses
Strengthens legs, generate energy and improve blood circulation in the entire body.
Also help relieve morning sickness and other early pregnancy symptoms.

Do Hip Openers

Do Seated Twists

Do Gentle Back Stretches

Avoid These Poses During Trimester I (Weeks 0-13)

Avoid Intense Abdominal Exercises 
Avoid boat pose.
Intense abdominal exercises can prevent fertilised egg from embedding in early stages.

Avoid Standing Still For Too Long 
Standing still for too long can reduce blood pressure and cause dizziness and fainting.

Avoid Strenuous Poses
Don’t hold poses for too long.
The weeks between 12 and 14 are when most miscarriages occur.

Avoid Twists
Can cause or aggravate extreme nausea.

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