Free Chair Yoga Lesson Plan Inspired By 104 Year Old Yogi, Eileen Ash: Includes 30 Chair Yoga Exercises

This Chair Yoga Lesson Plan was created using the Yoga Genie Lesson Planner. It was inspired by 104 year old Yogi, Eileen Ash. The lesson plan title is: Chair Yoga: 30 Exercises To Do From The Comfort Of A Chair. It’s FREE. Hope you like it.

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Short Plan

Chair Yoga Lesson Plan (short plan)

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Long Plan

Chair Yoga Lesson Plan (long plan)

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Chair Yoga Lesson Plan (stream plan)

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The 30 Chair Yoga Poses In This Lesson Plan

All the chair yoga poses in this yoga lesson plan are gentle. They are ideal for anyone who sits on a chair for long periods of time, for people with mobility issues, for the the elderly, and for people with disabilities.

The 30 chair yoga poses in this chair yoga lesson plan include: Chair Legs Up Pose, Palming, Chair Grounding Pose, Chair Abdominal Breath Exercise, Chair Shrugs Pose, Chair Neck Incline Pose, Chair Wrist Stretch Pose, Chair Arms Up Pose, Chair Side Bend Pose, Chair Backbend Pose, Chair Ankle Curl Pose, Chair Knee To Chest Pose, Chair Reverse Arm Pose, Chair Shoulder Stretch Pose, Basic Chair Triangle Pose, Chair Arm Lift Pose, Chair Chest Opener Pose, Chair Forward Bend Pose, Chair Big Toe Hold Pose, Basic Chair Warrior I Pose, Chair Hip Flexion Pose, Chair Hip Opener Pose, Chair Knee Lift Pose, Chair Leg Stretch Pose, and many more.

And here are some other chair poses you might like: Chair Heart Centre Pose, Chair Upward Facing Dog Pose, Chair Arms Out Pose, Chair Eagle Pose, Chair Downward Facing Dog Pose, Chair Twist And Fold Pose, Chair Blast Offs Pose, and Chair Lunge Pose.

My 4 Step Eileen Ash Inspired Formula For Persuading Students To Come To Your Yoga Classes For Decades

You’re going to get your yogic hands on one of the best yoga marketing tactics ever dreamed up in the mind of a yoga teacher.

I’ve written many articles on how to market your yoga classes. So, when I saw a video about a 104 year old women called Eileen Ash who keeps fit by practicing yoga, I could see that this inspiring story could help keep my students become life-long yoga practitioners. The secret to building a sustainable yoga business is to find ways to keep your students coming to classes for years instead of months.

I want to keep my students coming to my classes for longer (years verses months) because I know a life-long yogic practice is utterly amazing for someone’s health.

So, are you ready to turn your students into life-long yoga practitioners? If that’s a “Yes”, then take action on these simple steps.

Step 1
Download The Video

Download the video to your laptop (or Tablet).

Click here to download the 1:08 minute video (4.2mb)

Step 2
Students Watch Video

Take your laptop (or Tablet) to class and ask everyone to gather around and watch the video.

Step 3
Ask The Question

It is a guarantee that they will all be inspired by 104 year old, Eileen Ash. When everyone is still gathered around, ask this question:

“What are some of the health benefits of yoga that you’ve experienced?”

Step 4
Be Quite & Listen 

Several of your students will share stories of how yoga has helped them (reducing back pain, weight loss, gaining muscle, gaining flexibility, peace filled mind, etc). The point here is that it isn’t you telling your students about the benefits. The students had to think about the benefits and verbalise them.

Why is that so important?

Well it’s the difference between night and day. You already know this, but it’s worth repeating here.

When someone takes “ownership” of an idea (e.g. a health benefit of yoga), it sinks in far deeper than if you told them about the benefit.

When someone owns an idea, it has more chance to sink into their DNA. In other words it’s “sticky”. The more a person owns the idea (by coming up with it themselves), the stickier it is.

Benefits Of Chair Yoga For Seniors 

1. Improved Strength

Elderly people will be better able to continue with hobbies and daily activities independently for many more years to come. If they are unlucky enough to suffer a fall or injury, a strong body will be able to withstand this better and sustain fewer injuries.

2. Improved Flexibility

Chair yoga can help those with mobility issues to undertake activities that they have perhaps been unable to, such as reaching down to tie shoe laces or pick things up.

3. Improved proprioception

Proprioception is the skill of knowing where your body is in space, and coordinating your movements accurately. This is particularly important for elderly people and can prevent falls, and for people with disabilities or conditions such as MS.

4. Improved mental clarity

Chair yoga can lessen the impact of chronic illnesses and pain. For elderly people, it may also help them cope with feelings of isolation, if this is a problem. Being calmer and more relaxed inevitably leads to a greater feeling of happiness and well-being.

5. Opportunities to socialise

Joining chair yoga classes for those with mobility issues and the elderly will also give them a venue to socialise and make friends.

6. Improved pain management

Chair yoga includes breath work, which can help people not only with stress management but also for coping and managing pain. Through meditation and paying attention to your breath, you can help your body and mind to cope with the pain of an illness or condition.

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