BLISSFUL BREATHING CARDS: 41 Pranayama Exercises


Created by George Watts, a BWY Yoga teacher, artist, and creator of the Online Yoga Lesson Planner. £15 is approximately $19 US dollars.


41 pranayama cards.
7 chakra explainer cards.
7 breathing quote cards.
Instructions on how to use the cards.

Organised by number, time of day and chakra.

The Blissful Breathing Cards come in three options: 

Option 1: Digital Download
Printable Blissful Breathing cards. PDF, JPG and PNG Formats. A4, A5, and A6 sizes. 

Option 2: Printed Card Deck Gift Set
Blissful Breathing cards in an Egyptian drawstring burlap bag and a beautifully labelled tin. 

Option 3: Digital Download & Printed Card Deck Gift Set
Blissful Breathing cards in digital download format and as a gift box set. 

The Blissful Breathing Card Deck: 41 Pranayama Exercises

Pranayama Card Layout

3 Options

Choose how you’d like your Blissful Breathing cards

Blissful Breathing Cards Digital Download

1. Digital Download


You’ll receive an email with the cards in PDF, JPG, and PNG formats. Includes bonuses.

Blissful Breathing Card Deck Gift Set

2. Gift Box Set


You’ll receive the cards in an Egyptian drawstring burlap bag and a beautifully labelled tin.

Blissful Breathing Cards Digital Gift Set

3. Digital + Gift Set


You’ll receive the cards in digital download format and as a gift box set. Includes bonuses.

Greetings and Namaste!

George WattsI’m George Watts, a seasoned BWY Yoga teacher and the creator of the Online Yoga Lesson Planner. I’ve been teaching yoga since 2010 and have taught hundreds of yoga classes. I always include a pranayama exercise at the beginning or end of the class.

I created this Blissful Breathing Deck (pranayama cards) as an expansion pack for my Chakra Chair Yoga Card Deck


Blissful Breathing Card Layout


Breath Card Layout

Blissful Breathing Card Layout

Each card has the following ten features:


  1. Organised by chakra
  2. Numbered for easy learning
  3. English name of the breathing technique
  4. Sanskrit name of the breathing technique
  5. Recommended time of day to practice
  6. Artistic illustration
  7. Contraindications for the breathing technique
  8. Benefits of the breathing technique
  9. Easy-to-follow instructions for the breathing technique
  10. Affirmation related to the breathing technique



The 41 Blissful Breathing Cards In The Deck


Pranayama Breathwork Cards


Below are the English and Sanskrit names of the 41 blissful breathing cards:

  1. Accompanied Breath Retention: Sahita Kumbhaka
  2. Against The Grain Breath: Pratiloma Pranayama
  3. Alternate Nostril Breathing: Nadi Shodhana
  4. Bee Breath: Bhramari Pranayama
  5. Belly Breath: Abdominal Breath
  6. Bellows Breath: Bhastrika Pranayama
  7. Breath Counting
  8. Breath Retention: Kumbhaka Pranayama
  9. Channel Cleaning Breath: Nadi Shodhana
  10. Comfortable (Easy) Breath: Sukha Purvaka
  11. Cooling Breath: Sheetali Pranayama
  12. Crown Chakra Breath: Sahasrara Chakra Pranayama
  13. Earth Gesture Breath: Prithvi Mudra Pranayama
  14. Equal Breath: Sama Vritti
  15. Fire Breath: Agni Prasana
  16. Floating Breath: Plavini Pranayama
  17. Forehead Cleansing Breath: Kapala Randhra Dhauti
  18. Heart Chakra Breath: Anahata Chakra Pranayama
  19. Hissing Breath: Shitkari Pranayama
  20. Interrupted Breath: Viloma Pranayama
  21. Left Nostril Breath: Chandra Bhedana
  22. Life Force Gesture Breath: Prana Mudra Pranayama
  23. Lion’s Breath: Simhasana Pranayama
  24. Moon-Piercing Breath: Chandra Bhedi
  25. Ocean Breath: Ujjayi Pranayama
  26. Pleasant Breath: Sukha Pranayama
  27. Right Nostril Breath: Surya Bhedana
  28. Sacral Chakra Breath: Svadhisthana Chakra Pranayama
  29. Solar Channel Cleansing: Surya Anuloma Viloma
  30. Solar Plexus Chakra Breath: Manipura Chakra Pranayama
  31. Skull Shining Breath: Kapalabathi
  32. Sun-Piercing Breath: Surya Bhedi
  33. Swooning Breath: Murcha Pranayama
  34. Three-Part Breath: Dirga
  35. Three Locks Breath: Bandha Traya
  36. Tongue Lock Breath: Khechari Mudra
  37. Walking Breath: Bhraman Pranayama
  38. Wind Gesture Breath: Vayu Mudra Pranayama
  39. With the Grain Breath: Anuloma Pranayama
  40. Yogi Gorakhnath’s Breath: Gorakhshasana
  41. Yogic Symbol Breath: Yoga Mudra


7 Chakra Explainer Cards In The Deck


Pranayama Chakra Explainer Cards

7 Chakra Explainer Cards


You can also organise the cards by chakra (the chakra symbol is on the top right of the card). I’ve also included seven eye-catching, artistic “Chakra Explainer Cards” with the 41-card deck.

Each chakra explainer card includes:

  • What the chakra is associated with
  • What can happen if the chakra is imbalanced
  • Several breathing techniques that help activate the chakra


7 Artistic Breathing Quote Cards In The Deck


Pranayama Quote Cards

7 Artistic Blissful Breathing Quote Cards


As an extra treat, you’ll find seven beautifully illustrated “blissful breathing quote cards” enclosed. These inspiring quotes are thoughtfully chosen to encourage Yogis on their journey and add a touch of motivation to your card sessions.

Here are the 7 blissful breathing quotes

  • “With every breath, I invite peace and clarity.”
  • “I am calm, centred and present in this moment.”
  • “My breath is a gateway to tranquillity and balance.”
  • “Every breath is a gift that nurtures my body and settles my mind.”
  • “I am grounded and centred with every mindful breath.”
  • “With every deep breath, I connect deeper to my inner wisdom.”
  • “I breathe in the fearlessness of a lion.”


The Blissful Breathing Deck Is A Thoughtful Gift


Pranayama Cards - A Thoughtful Yogi Gift

Blissful Breathing Cards – A Thoughtful Yogi Gift


Are you looking for the perfect gift for a yogi, yoga teacher, or anyone who wants to get mentally healthy from the comfort of their office chair or home sofa? Then get your yogic hands on these cards. 


What You’ll Receive If You Get The Digital Download


You’ll receive:

  • A link to download high-quality, printable versions of the 41 cards as JPGs
  • A link to download high-quality, printable versions of the 41 cards as PNGs
  • A link to download a high-quality, printable version of the 41 cards as a PDF
  • A guide on how to use the cards for effective blissful breathing practice
  • 7 Chakra explainer cards
  • 7 artistic blissful breathing quote cards


Digital Download 


If you get the digital download, no physical product will be mailed to you. After your purchase is confirmed, you will receive an email from with a link to your downloadable, high-quality PDF file.

You’ll also receive a link to download the cards in JPG and PNG formats. It could take a few minutes to show up in your inbox.

Check your spam/junk folders if it does not arrive within a few minutes.




If you get the digital download, you can print the digital cards from your home printer or send them to a local or online printer. 


Please Note


If you get the digital download, the PDF, JPG, and PNG files will be immediately available to download using the links sent to your email address.


Terms Of Use


If you get the digital download, the files are for personal use only. If you’re a Yoga teacher, you can use them in your classes. They cannot be used commercially, resold or redistributed. 


Can I get the cards as a digital download?

Yes. The “Digital Download” option is set as the default. You’ll receive an email with instructions for downloading the cards as PDF, JPG, and PNG files to your device.

Can I use the cards as teaching aids in my yoga classes?

Yes. Though, please don’t give the cards away to your students. If you think they’d benefit from these yoga cards, please direct them to this web page. 

Where can I find my digital purchases in my account?

After purchasing, You’ll be directed to and the “Your Account” page. Next to the order, select Download Files. There are no limits on when or how many times you can download a file. You can access your files anytime on the “Your Account” page.

Why should I get your cards?

Reason 1.
Artistically Crafted

Designed by a yoga teaching artist (me), ensuring eye-catching artistry and ease of understanding.

Reason 2.
Versatile & User-Friendly

Suitable for beginners and experienced yogis alike.

Reason 3.
Comprehensive Guide

Each card includes detailed instructions, benefits, affirmations and much more.

Reason 4.
Time Of Day 

Each card includes the recommended time of day for each exercise (morning, evening or anytime).

Reason 5.
Engaging & Educational

Learn forty-one pranayama exercises.

Reason 6.
Teachers & Students

Perfect for personal use or as a teaching aid in yoga classes.

Reason 7.
Printing Options

You can print them out in multiple sizes (A4, A5, or A6). I recommend using the A6 size to fit four cards on one A4 sheet.

Reason 8.
Flexibility In Practice

Whether you have just a minute or an extended break, choose cards that fit your schedule.

Reason 9.
Activate Chakras

Each card has a chakra that it activates (chakra symbol on the top right of the card), so you can enhance your spiritual journey with pranayama exercises targeting all seven chakras.

Reason 10.
Disconnect to Reconnect

Free yourself from digital distractions. Immerse yourself in the serenity and beauty of the present moment.

What are some creative ways to use the Blissful Breathing cards?

Creative Use 1.
Daily Practice Routine

Use a card in your daily routine, selecting a new breathing technique each day for a diverse practice.

Creative Use 2.
Guided Meditation

Use the cards to guide your meditation sessions, focusing on specific breathing techniques for enhanced mindfulness.

Creative Use 3.
Custom Workouts

Integrate breathing techniques into your Chair Yoga (especially if you already have my Chair Yoga Cards) or Yoga routines, selecting cards that align with your practice goals.

Creative Use 4.
Stress Relief

Pull a card during stressful moments for a quick, targeted breathing technique to calm the mind.

Creative Use 5.
Group Sessions

Share the cards in group settings for a collaborative and varied breathwork (pranayama) experience.

Creative Use 6.
Mindful Breaks

Take short breaks throughout the day, drawing a card for a rejuvenating breath practice.

Creative Use 7.
Sleep Aid

Use calming breathing techniques from the cards to promote relaxation before bedtime.

Creative Use 8.
Focus & Clarity

Pull a card when you need mental clarity and focus, enhancing your cognitive performance.

Creative Use 9.
Personal Exploration

Use the cards to explore different breathing techniques and discover what works best for you.

Creative Use 10.
Wellness Challenges

Create challenges with friends or yourself, drawing cards to explore new breathing techniques regularly.

Who created the cards?

George Watts is a BWY yoga teacher and the creator of the Online Yoga Lesson Planner. He has spent 10+ years writing yoga blog posts on this site. 

What are the size of the cards?

Digital Download: You can print the cards in multiple sizes (A4, A5, or A6). I recommend using the A6 size to fit four cards on one A4 sheet.

Printed Deck: If you opt for the “Printed Deck,” your cards will be 100 by 100 mm (10 by 10 cm). They will fit on your hands nicely but are still large enough to be seen if you place them on the ground.

Can I explore the digital cards on my iPad/Tablet/Phone?

Explore Pranayama Cards on Your iPad/Tablet

Yes. You can unlock the cards’ versatility by accessing the PDF on your iPad, Tablet or Phone. Download the PDF, take a seat, and effortlessly swipe through each card for a convenient and fun pranayama (yogic breathing) practice.

Do you have a video tutorial on how to print the digital cards?

How to print the Pranayama cards


Hey, maybe it’s just me, but my printer is a wild beast that has a mind of its own.

So, just in case you’re as wary of your printer as I am of mine, I created a short, 5-minute video tutorial on how to print the cards using your printer. I also show you how to get your local printer to print for you. I suggest printing 4 cards per page which means you’ll only need to print 16 pages (so, will be cheap to print).

But, heck, if you prefer larger cards, go wild and opt for the 2 cards per page!

Are the cards useful for yoga teachers and trainees?

Yes. The cards are useful for yoga teachers and trainees. They can inspire class themes, simplify the class planning process, offer visual aids for easy sequence memorisation, provide guidance on pose cueing, and give you the confidence to use pose affirmations. The cards also work nicely as free “refresher teacher training.

Can I stock your Chakra Chair Yoga Gift Box Set in my shop?

Yes, if there isn’t already a shop in your town already stocking it. Email me saying something like, “Hey George, I’m interested in stocking your Chakra Chair Yoga Gift Box Set in my XYZ shop. What day/time works best for you to chat this week?”

Can I purchase the Gift Box Set in bulk as presents for my staff?

Yes, they make great Christmas or Well-being Day gifts. Email me letting me know how many you want.

Do you have any other yoga card decks?

Yes. You can view them here

“Hey George, I love your Blissful Breathing Card Deck and can’t wait to get my Yogic hands on it.”

George Watts
BWY Yoga Teacher
Creator of the
Online Yoga Lesson Planner

P.S. Please email me if you have questions about my Blissful Breathing Deck.

P.P.S. If you’re a yoga teacher and have a few minutes spare, I’d love for you to take a quick peek at my Online Yoga Lesson Planner. It’s a comprehensive tool to streamline your yoga lesson planning process and enhance your teaching experience