Free Downloadable Core-Themed Lesson Plan with Plank as the Peak Pose


This is a Hatha flowing sequence with Plank as the Peak pose. Plank will strengthen your abs, arms, wrists, spine, and quads. But its numero uno benefit is turning your abs into ablicious hardened steel.

I created this yoga lesson plan created using the Online Yoga Genie Planner.

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Plank Pose Teaching Steps


Step 1
Teach Sanskrit

Phalakasana or Kumbhakasana

Step 2
Teach Benefits

Benefits include:

  • Strengthens abdominals
  • Strengthens arms
  • Strengthens wrists
  • Strengthens spine
  • Strengthens quads

Step 3
Teach Precautions

Carpal tunnel syndrome is a precaution.

Step 4
Teach The Directions 

 Start in Downward Facing Dog.


Draw the torso forward until arms are perpendicular to the floor, shoulders over wrists, and torso parallel to the mat.

Press outer arms inward, firm bases of index fingers into the mat. 

Firm shoulder blades against the back spread them away from the spine.

Look at the mat. 

Keep throat soft.


Step 5
Teach Variations

Plank pose is mostly a transition post between Downward Dog and something like Cobra pose. If you’re feeling daring, instead of the traditional Plank pose, try one of these variations.

7 Variations Of Plank Pose

Variation 1: Knees
Come into plank pose and lower your knees onto the mat.

Knees On Floor Modifications

Variation 2: Cross It Up
Come into plank pose. Cross one ankle on top of the other. Squeeze thighs together to work quads and core. Hold. Breathe. Switch legs.

Variation 3: Four Limbs
From plank lower into Four-Limbed Staff  (Chaturanga) which is a half pushup position.

Variation 4: Wide Stance
From the forearm or traditional plank take a huge step out with your feet so they come to the edge of your mat or wider. Zip up the muscles along the inner leg (adductors) and engage, engage, engage.

Variation 5: Tree Leg
Move the leg inside of your base legs ankle, calf, or thigh. Work on the alignment in the upper body as well as core and breathing control. To kick it up from here, lower to Four-Limbed Staff  (Chaturanga) and then press back up to plank. Switch legs.

Variation 6: Flying Plank
From the forearm or traditional plank pose, dig your back toes into the mat and begin to bend your knee to float the leg of your choice forward. Let it hover as your knee bends in towards your elbow, arm, or midline. Keep your spine straight and your abdominals contracted.

Variation 7: Rocking Plank
From the Plank pose, rock forward on your toes until your shoulders move past your hands. Then push your shoulders backwards until your heels extend beyond your toes. Move slowly and in a controlled manner to challenge your balance, coordination, and shoulder strength. This move can be done on your hands or forearms.

Step 6
Teach An Alternative Pose

Dolphin Pose is a great alternative pose for students who have wrist injuries.

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