I Hope You Like This Warrior Themed Yoga Lesson Plan That I Created For My Students 

yoga lesson plan warrior template

Below is a warrior themed yoga lesson plan I created for my yoga students using the MS Word Yoga Lesson Planner. I hope you find it useful.

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Warrior I Teaching Tips


Step 1
Build Up The Warrior Theme

You can instantly turn an average yoga class into an inspiring yoga class by giving your class the gift of a “theme”.  There are lots of warrior themes you can use.

Here are 11 examples of “warrior themes” you can use for your class to get your brain cells activated…

  • Become a peaceful Warrior
  • Engage with your troop (partner yoga exercises)
  • Heal one of your inner wounds (e.g a broken relationship with a family member)
  • Fight or flight (yin/yang yoga)
  • Know your inner enemy (e.g. self doubt, negative self talk)
  • Staying calm in the heat of battle
  • The way of the Warrior
  • What challenge would you like to conquer this month?
  • What are you a Warrior for (e.g. Barack Obama once said, “I’m a warrior for the middle class.”)
  • What’s your special mission? (e.g. daily yoga practice, get a new job, etc)
  • Unleash the Warrior within


Step 2
Give The Benefits

  • Smashes anxiety out of the ball park
  • Energises the entire body
  • Stretches chest, lungs, shoulders
  • Stretches neck, belly and groin
  • Strengthens shoulders, arms & back
  • Strengthens and stretches the thighs, calves & ankles


Step 3
Give The Precautions

  • High blood pressure
  • Heart problems


Step 4
Teach the Sanskrit

  • Virabhadrasana I


Step 5
Teach the Steps 

1) Come into Mountain Pose.

2) Widen legs.

3) Turn right foot at right angle.

4) Press into outside edge of back foot.

5) Inhale and lift arms to shoulder height. Drop shoulder blades. Bend knee towards the toes. Knees stop above ankle. Move knee backwards (NOT towards big toe!). Body weight centre. Turn head to look along the arm. Relax jaw. Feel strong like a warrior.

6) Breath in and come back to a wide stance.

7) Repeat other side.

8) To come out of pose straighten the bent leg, bring foot in to face front, release arms, turn foot around to front of class and step forward into Mountain Pose.

Warrior I Video 


Warrior I Teaching Tips

  • Be mindful only to lift the arms (not arms and chest).
  • Drop shoulders.
  • Square the hips.
  • Square the shoulders.
  • Imagine the back heel is super-glued to the floor.
  • Ask students to feel their inner warrior.
  • Ask students to feel the removal of all obstacles.
  • Ask students to feel their hips getting an oil change.
  • Congratulate students for facing life with an open heart.
  • Feel legs and back getting stronger.


Step 6
Give Modifications

It’s a good idea to give at least one or two modifications for every asana you teach.   This is really important if you have beginners in your class.  Here are a few modifications for Warrior I pose.

  • Neck problems (keep head in neutral position and don’t look up at hands)
  • Raise back heel on a folded blanket
  • Shoulder problems (keep raised arms parallel to each other)


Step 7
Give Adjustments

Most students really appreciate getting an adjustment from you. It demonstrates that you are paying attention and they are getting great value for their money. Here are two typical adjustments for Warrior I…

Anterior Rotated Pelvis Adjustment 
If your student has a big arch in their lower back it means they have an anterior rotated pelvis. To adjust bring your fist into sacrum and ask the student to move it back into your fist – front ribs will drop (see video below for full adjustment instructions).



Shaky In The Back Leg Adjustment 
If your student is shaky in the back leg walk to the front and bring palm to the front of the knee cap and ask him/her to push into your hand and reach back with his/her back leg (see video below for full adjustment instructions).


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