How To End Your Yoga Class On Time Every Time: My Super Simple Tactic Revealed

Most new yoga teachers have a fear that keeps them up at night.

“Is the fear showing up to class with no one to teach?”

Nope. Though, if you want more students coming to your classes, take a quick peek at the Yoga Teacher Business Kit.

“Is the fear showing up to class without your well thought out, ingenious yoga lesson plan?”

No. But just in case you want to save time creating yoga lesson plans, you might like the Yoga Teacher Lesson Plan Kit.

“Is the fear showing up wearing tight lycra shorts?”  

Umm, no. But if you’re a male yoga teacher, you know this could easily turn into a keep-you-up-at-night fear.

“Is the fear having a fellow yoga teacher show up at your class and handout flyers for their yoga classes?”

Nope. But this did happen to me once. I’m not joking. Really. It happened. The yoga teacher strode into my class bold as brass, gave out a bunch of her yoga flyers to my students and left.

“Is it a fear of having too many downward facing dogs in their yoga lesson plans?” 

No. But just in case you want more downward-facing dog poses, here’s a downloadable yoga lesson plan with 30 variations of downward-facing dog pose.

“Is it the fear of ending a yoga class too early or late?”


Almost every yoga teacher has had the fear of ending their class too early or late.

Here’s my easy peasy formula to brush the fear of ending a class too early or late under your yoga mat…

Do Your Own Practice

I have what is called a Do Your Own Practice during the last 10 minutes of my class. It gives me a chance to walk around, observe, and give adjustments and praise. And it’s a wonderful way to never end a class too early or late.

The “Do Your Own Practice” is like an insurance policy and get out of jail free card.

If you’re running late, you simply don’t have the 10-minute “Do Your Own Practice” session at the end of the class. And if you end early, you simply do the “Do Your Own Practice” for 10 minutes (or longer if you ended really early).

Another trick is to increase or decrease the end-of-class relaxation by a few minutes.

On a side note, this 10-minute “Do Your Own Practice” at the END of a yoga class is also a great way to get students comfortable with practising yoga “without a yoga teacher”. Why do you want your students to NOT be 100% dependent on your incredibly fabulous teaching instructions? Because a home yoga practice is the Holy Grail for students. Yoga teachers must do everything in their power to help cultivate a home yoga practice. It’s the greatest gift we can give our students.

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