3 Top Secret Tips To Help Fill Up Your Yoga Classes

Tip 1
Stress Busting Yoga Lesson Planning System

Without a good yoga lesson planning system, you’ll be stressed!

Here’s a sneak preview into the life of a yoga teacher without a yoga lesson planning system…

You wake up on the day of your yoga class with dread and fear coursing through your veins. It’s a yoga lesson planning panic attack.  The various symptoms of a yoga lesson planning panic attack can be understood as follows…

Yoga Lesson Planning Panic Attack Symptoms

When you wake up on the day of your yoga class, there is frequently (but not always) the sudden onset of fear with little provoking stimulus. This leads to a release of adrenaline (epinephrine) which brings about the so-called fight-or-flight response wherein the yoga teacher’s body prepares for strenuous physical activity.

This leads to an increased heart rate (tachycardia), rapid breathing (hyperventilation) which may be perceived as shortness of breath (dyspnea), and sweeting (which aids heat loss).

Because strenuous physical activity rarely ensues, the hyperventilation leads to a drop in carbon dioxide levels in the lungs and then in the blood.

This leads to shifts in blood pH (respiratory alkalosis or hypocapnia), which in turn can lead to many other symptoms, such as tingling or numbness, dizziness, burning and lightheadedness. Moreover, the release of adrenaline during a yoga lesson planning panic attack causes vasoconstriction resulting in slightly less blood flow to the head which causes dizziness and lightheadedness.

A yoga lesson planning panic attack can cause blood sugar to be drawn away from the brain and towards the major muscles.

If you’re thinking: “It’s not much fun having a yoga lesson planning panic attack,” you’d be spot on.

But if you don’t have a yoga lesson planning system, you almost certainly have yoga lesson planning panic attacks.  You’re just not aware of it because you’ve got so used to it.

Work Smarter

Before creating the Yoga Teacher Lesson Plan Kit, I used to spend several hours burning the midnight oil creating a yoga lesson plan.  And that doesn’t include the 80 hours during the week that I would be subconsciously panicking about what my yoga class theme and structure was going to be.  I was always worried about what warm ups to use, what sequences to use, what pranayama exercise to use…and so on…and so on.

That’s a whole lot of unconscious stress simmering just below the surface!

The main problem, before I started using the Yoga Teacher Lesson Plan Kit, was that my yoga lesson planning was woefully unorganised.  I just didn’t have a system. And that meant I was constantly reinventing the wheel every time I sat down to plan a yoga lesson.

I simply had to figure out a way to work smarter.

The alternative was going back to a normal job. Just writing those words fill be with horror.  After all, lets be honest here. Going back to a normal job after years of being a yoga teacher would be like going back to live with your parents in your 30’s due to unforeseen circumstances, such as walking in on your partner making love to your boss (partner and job gone in one whoooshing swoop).

I digress.

My point is that I desperately needed a yoga lesson planning system.

I needed a nifty system to make yoga lesson planning a walk in the park.  So, I did the only reasonable thing.  I went for a walk in the park to make sure that “park walking” was both easy and enjoyable.

It was.

Over 10,000 hours later my yoga lesson planning system has morphed into the Yoga Teacher Lesson Plan Kit and has become the largest collection of yoga lesson planning resources on the web.  It’s so easy to use it’s like…what’s the analogy I’m thinking of…ah yes…like a walk in the park.

Tip 2
Don’t Use Scissors

With the Yoga Teacher Lesson Plan Kit I went from spending several hours a week creating yoga lesson plans to only a few minutes. And something amazing occurred that I hadn’t anticipated. My yoga lesson plans were way better! Surely, you would imagine, taking more time doing something makes that something better?  Actually, no it doesn’t.

Here’s why.

Think of the Yoga Teacher Lesson Plan Kit as really useful tool, such as your trusty lawn mower.

Now imagine getting down on your knees and cutting your overgrown lawn with a pair of scissors.

Imagine away…

Not much fun cutting a lawn with scissors is it?  It could be done, but it would take hours and be exhausting, back breaking, boring, soul destroying work.

Now imagine using your lawn mower to cut your lawn.

Ah, yes…

Feel the gentle throb vibrating through your body as you glide your sleek, bright orange lawn mower effortlessly over the long, thick, tangled grass and weeds. You take in the aroma of freshly cut grass as it shoots into the bag of grassyness. You listen to a red robin singing you a song that goes something like this, “Tweep. Tweep. Tweep.” (loosely translated as, “I love your sleek, orange lawn mower. Can I mate with it?”).

You get lost in the moment.

Life is good.

Life is blissful.

And within 15 minutes, the gentle throb has stopped and you’re done. You put the orange mechanical beast back in it’s cage and plonk yourself down in your comfy, well padded garden chair and think to yourself, “Boy ow boy, that lawn looks good.” And you secretly chuckle and snort (“Chuckle, chuckle, snort, chuckle.“) to yourself at the thought you only spent 15 minutes cutting your lawn.

That my fellow yoga teacher, is precisely what happens (possibly accept for the talking Robin) when you use the Yoga Genie Lesson Planner that is just one of the resources within the Yoga Teacher Lesson Plan Kit.  If you haven’t got a lesson planning system – it’s the equivalent of cutting your grass with scissors. Quel un nightmare! Forgive the slipping into French, but thought it might add a little gravitas to the lawn cutting analogy.

Before using the Yoga Teacher Lesson Plan Kit, the unorganised me created lots of boring classes with the occasional WOW class. Now the organised me creates lots of WOW classes with the occasional boring class.  Hey, even with the best system you’re still human…so allow yourself the luxury of being boring every now and then.

Tip 3
Yoga Class Handouts

There are 250+ yoga class handouts are available within the Yoga Teacher Lesson Plan Kit.

Use them!

Yoga class handouts are an amazing way to turn students into RAVING FANS.

Definition of a RAVING FAN
A student that comes every week to your yoga class without fail and raves about you to friends, family and co-workers. 

These RAVING FANS are absolutely key to your success.

Here’s why….

A student who comes regularly to your class is worth £294 a year to your yoga business.

Here’s the math behind the £294…

£7 a class x 42 classes a year = £294

Here’s a quick quiz for you

What’s more important?

(A) Getting new students to your classes

(B) Keeping your current students happy so they keep coming back to your class

The correct answer is (B).

Here’s why…

When you keep your current students happy, they will keep coming back to your class. That means you can cut down on the amount of yoga marketing you do. Plus, the RAVING FANS tend to bring their family, friends and co-workers to classes.

Yoga Genie Lesson Planner

Create yoga lesson plans quickly and easily. Access 10,000+ yoga lesson plans. Choose from 3000+ poses. Used by 1000+ yoga teachers worldwide.

George Watts

Hope you enjoyed my post. I'm a BWY yoga teacher, and creator of the Yoga Genie Lesson Planner. Create yoga lesson plans quickly and easily. Get started with the Yoga Genie Lesson Planner for free today.

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