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9 Quirky DIY Yoga Props To Use In Your Yoga Classes

I love using DIY yoga props.

Benefits Of Using Yoga Props 

  • Props help us conserve and replenish energy
  • Props make difficult poses more accessible
  • Props allow us to stay in poses longer
  • Props help create space in the spine & joints
  • Props help prevent injuries

9 DIY Yoga Props


Ask your students to make their own yoga blocks by finding some books they no longer need. Approximately 5 books can become a yoga block. They can be tied together with ties (which can also be used as yoga straps).


Ask your students to roll their BLANKET into a bolster.


Ask your students to use a chair for balancing poses or chair yoga. Most village halls, etc have lots of chairs.


Ask your students to bring a DICTIONARY (or Yellow Pages) and use it as yoga block.


Ask your students to find a Judo belt at their local charity shop (or on eBay). Or buy a bunch of them and give each new student one for free. Judo belts are really long. They are great for wrapping around yourself when doing seated forward bends. If the student wants to go deeper in the forward bend, they can adjust the strap.


If you have a student that has weak wrist, ask them to cut a tennis ball in half and bring it to class. They can use them as wrist support.


Ask your students to bring a TIE to class to be used as a yoga strap. Or go to your local charity shop and buy a bunch of ties and give them to your students.


Ask your students to bring a towel to class. They can roll it into a bolster for some wondrous bolster yoga.


Ask your students to bring a towel to class. They can use the towel under their yoga mat (which is great if your yoga classes are held in village halls with cold, hard floors).

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