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Top 10 Tips For Teaching Bridge Pose With A Poet’s Heart

Little Magnets
Imagine your shoulder blades have little magnets that attract each other as you extend your arms beneath your torso.

Awareness Antennae
Imagine you have an invisible “awareness antennae” on top of your head that sounds an alarm when you go into “type A gotta push myself to the limit” mode. In yoga allow yourself to slowly go deeper into a pose.

Be Kind To Yourself
Be kind to yourself by accepting that how high you can go into Bridge Pose will change every day. Some days you’ll be able to raise the bridge high, other days the bridge hardly rises at all. Accept where your body is and don’t strive for some mythical perfect alignment that must be reached.

Opening A Bridge Takes Time & Patience
Opening a real bridge takes time and patience. Opening your “body bridge” in Bridge Pose also takes time and patience. So, if you find yourself habitually rushing around, get into Bridge Pose to slow things down and pretty soon you’ll find your centre and feel calmer.

Listen to your spine, shoulders, and thighs when practicing Bridge Pose. They will tell you exactly how far to raise the bridge.

Open Like A Flower
The less you push, the more the pose will open up. Think of your opening as a flower. You can’t force a flower to open up. A flower will open when it’s ready to open. It may take minutes, hours, weeks or months to open. Accept where you are in the moment and don’t be in a rush to open. Let it happen when it’s ready to happen.

Let your Bridge Pose be a connection between your body, mind, and spirit.

Permission To Open Up
Bridge pose is particularly fabulous for those of you who spend the day sitting in front of a computer. Sitting in front of a computer forces the body to close up. Getting into Bridge Pose gives your body permission to open up and let joy, love and gratitude flood into your heart.

Snow Flake
Be aware if you are forcing your shoulders away from your ears in a desperate attempt to look like a text book student in Bridge Pose. Understand that no two students will get into a pose the same way, because everyone has a different body. Each of the seven billion bodies on this planet are different, just like each snow flake is different. Respect that difference. Accept that difference. Rejoice in that difference. Even you won’t get into the same pose the same way from day to day. That means there is no correct way of practicing a pose. Revelling in your uniqueness will immediately remove any pressure to try and get into a pose like anyone else in the class.

Let Peace Flow To You
A bridge lets water flow under it. It doesn’t rush around chasing the water, the water comes to the bridge. Every day find time to purposefully calm down, relax and let peace, joy, gratitude and love flow to you effortlessly. Quite often when we are calm and become silent, we become more “attractive” and become magnets attracting the things that mean most in life such as peace, joy, gratitude and love.

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