7 Ways To Teach Mountain Pose With A Poet’s Heart & Free Mountain Pose Yoga Class Handouts


Free Mountain Pose Class Handouts 

Mountain Pose Handout  | MS Word

Mountain Pose Handout  | PDF

Mountain Pose Mindmap Handout 1 | PDF

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Video Transcript

Yoga imagery helps will engage your students and make classes more memorable. Mountain pose is the foundation for all of the standing postures so it’s really useful for a yoga teacher to have a bunch of ways to teach it. If you like the video, here are 101 ways to teach with a Poet’s heart.

Most of these Mountain Pose imagery phrases can be used with other standing poses.


“Feel your feet firmly planted to establish a friendship with the floor.”


“Feel the exhalation flow down the centre of your spine and through the tailbone to become a tail.”

Floor’s Perspective

“Imagine looking at the soles of your feet from the floor’s perspective.”


“Imagine your feet growing roots. Feel secure and strong.”


“Observe your legs becoming two heavy pillars. Feel secure and strong.”

Chain Mail Cape

“Picture yourself wearing a heavy chain mail cape and let your shoulders surrender under the weight.”


“Reach from not just your fingers but your toes up to the sun, then as you bend forward let your body drip down towards the core of the earth.”

Alice In Wonderland

“Stretch your hands up and feel yourself becoming taller and taller, like Alice in Wonderland after drinking a bottle of potion.”

Alice In Wonderland

“Imagine you’re Alice in Wonderland and have just taken a drink from a bottle of potion that causes your feet to grow bigger and bigger with each exhalation.”


“When you open your feet and toes, feel as if they are a flower opening.”

Golden Thread

“To lengthen the space between the ears and shoulders imagine a golden thread on your head pulling you up to the ceiling.”

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