Discover How To Teach Staff Pose With A Poet’s Heart

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Knowing the symbolism behind an asana is a simple and easy way of turning a run-of-the-mill ordinary yoga class into an interesting one.

Step 1
Choose A Symbol


Choose one of the symbolic meanings of the “staff ” (see below) and weave it into a yoga class theme.

For example if you choose “leadership”, talk about leadership while students are in staff pose. You could say something like: “Did you know that in most cultures the staff is an ancient symbol of leadership. While you’re in staff pose, consider what area of your life needs your leadership right now.  Most people usually have at least one area of their life that needs attention.

Staff Symbols

In esoteric circles, the staff is seen as a channel between heaven and earth. The magician holding staff has a direct link to the spirit and earth realms because the staff connects the two.

In most cultures, past and present, the staff signifies leadership.

In ancient times, the staff was used by shepherds to lead their flock.

In ancient Greece, the staff of Asclepius (god of medicine and healing) and the staff called caduceus (carried by Hermes in Greek mythology) are symbols of the ancient Greek/Roman culture.  The staff embodied the Hippocratic oath to lead a life filled with honor.

New Beginnings
In tarot, the staff is a symbolic representation of the number one. It therefore symbolizes new beginnings.

More staff Symbolism

  • Authority
  • Dignity
  • Guidance
  • Leadership
  • Magic wand
  • Masculinity
  • One
  • Pilgrimage
  • Rulership

Step 2
Teach Using Handouts

Staff Pose Infographic

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Step 3
Teach The Basics

Below is some basic information about staff pose.


Danda = stick
Asana = posture


  • Eases sciatica pain
  • Improves posture
  • Stretches chest
  • Stretches shoulders
  • Strengthens back muscles


  • Lay a 10-pound sandbag across tops of thighs
  • Sit on folded blanket to lift pelvis
  • Sit with back against wall


  • Lower back injury
  • Wrist injury
  • Lower back injury