How To Teach Crocodile Pose
Using Yoga Imagery


  • Makara = Crocodile
  • Asana = Posture

Crocodile Yoga Imagery

  • Access to ancient knowledge
  • Connection to mother earth
  • Initiation
  • Maternal protection
  • Patience
  • Primal energies

Crocodile Themed Yoga Lesson Plan 

Here are some ideas to theme your next class around “Crocodile Pose”.

Caring Crocodile:  In the wet season when water is high, crocodiles dig deep burrows that in the dry season are wet alcoves to which they retreat.  As well as this, the alcoves act as reservoirs from which other animals drink.  Water is the giver of life, and though the crocodiles is widely regarded as a mindless beast, the sharing of these reservoirs shows that the crocodile respects all life forms. When practicing Crocodile Pose, be mindful over your actions.   Find ways to benefit yourself and others just like the crocodiles reservoirs.

Mindful Eating:  Crocodiles eat any animal they can get their chops on, and if unable to swallow it whole, will tear it into bite size pieces. DELICIOUS!  Yet they never eat unnecessarily.  When practicing Crocodile Pose, be mindful over what you get your chops on.  Seek balance.  Neither over eating or under eating.  If you eat lots of processed and sugary foods, don’t bother listening to your body to find out if it’s full because these kinds of synthetic foods trick you into thinking you’re not full.  That’s why approximately 60 to 70% of us are fat!   We simply don’t have the “my tummy is full signal” of a Crocodile.  The only way is to reduce the amount of fake foods you eat, and add more real, live foods (veggies and fruit).

Patience Of A Crocodile: Crocodiles are one of the most patient animals on the planet.  The conceal themselves in mud and water, and wait for many hours in total stillness for unsuspecting prey to come by and quickly snap it up!  When in Crocodile Pose soak up the patience of a Crocodile.  Enjoy the stillness.


  • Lie on belly
  • Elbows in front of shoulders
  • Open legs wide
  • Roll heels in
  • Press pubic bone into floor
  • Belly soft
  • Tuck chin into throat so back of neck is long
  • Forehead on forearm
  • Release on exhale by bringing feet together and turning head to rest cheek on floor



  • Excellent for keeping spine healthy
  • Used as a rest in between postures


  • Ankle injury
  • Knee injury