Yoga Marketing Tactic
Give  Give  Give

Give.  Give more.  Give more still.  Keep going…

Then give some more.

And when you’ve given all you think you can give, give more.  

When your mother told you…

The more you give, the more you get.”

…she was spot on.  

Giving is the spice of life. Giving is one of the greatest joys for us humans.  And that is why this is the first and most important yoga marketing tip on my list.  If you only apply this one tip, your classes will chock full of students.  In fact, you’ll need a waiting list.



Don’t tell anyone else what I’m about to tell you….

My numero uno yoga marketing tip is “giving away” lots and lots and lots of free resources that are of value to my niche market (yoga teachers).

There.  Phew.  I’ve kept that secret hidden for many years.  I’m glad it’s out in the open for others to reflect upon.

I’m not talking about giving away one eBook. That’s a woeful display of giving.  I’m not talking about writing a few blog posts.  That is a woeful display of giving.  I’m talking about giving away a HUGE, WHOPPING, ENORMOUS amount of really cool stuff that your target market loves.

On this website, I give, give, give and give some more. There are 100’s of blog posts. And each blog post has something of value that a yoga teacher can immediately use, such as yoga lesson plans, yoga class handouts, yoga marketing tips and yoga lesson planning tips.  And if someone wants to get one of my Yoga Teacher Kits, great. If not, great!

I wouldn’t have a sustainable business if I didn’t get a few sales.  And that would mean I couldn’t create any other useful resources for my fellow teachers.  And that would mean slinking off to get a boring desk job.  Hey, there’s nothing wrong with a desk job, but it wouldn’t be a joy-filled expression of my talent.  For some bizarre reason the powers that be gave me the ability to create nifty resources for yoga teachers. Go figure. And it’s what I love to do.

Your mantra for the next 24 hours is to say, “How can I give more?”

How To Give More To Your Yoga Students: 6 Real Life Examples

Giving Example 1
Give a yoga class handout

Maybe you could provide yoga class handouts for each 6 week yoga course (if you teach in 6 week blocks like most yoga teachers). There are 250+ yoga class handouts within Yoga Teacher Lesson Plan Kit that you can convert to PDF format and share on your website as a download.  This is my #1 marketing secret. And it’s the main reason that so many of my students stay with me for years.

Giving Example 2
Give a yoga class plan 

Maybe you create a 6 week yoga course using the Drag & Drop Yoga Genie Lesson Planner that is included within the Yoga Teacher Lesson Plan Kit.  Then all you need to do is convert it to PDF format and share on your website as a download.

Giving Example 3
Give a yoga post

Maybe you could provide lots of useful blog posts for your students that relate to each 6 week yoga course you teach. For example if you’re teaching Sun Salutations, you could write a few blog posts filled with sun salutation tips and sun salutation yoga class handouts.  Now all you need to do is create a yoga class handout from the blog post (e.g. simply add the blog contents to an MS Word document), print and give them out to your students.

Giving Example 4
Give a yoga eBook 

You could turn your Sun Salutations Blog Posts into a PDF yoga ebook that your students (and prospects) can download from your website.

Giving Example 5
Give a yoga class audio

You could bring an audio recorder to class (I use a Sony ICD-PX333) and record yourself and provide the recording as a yoga podcast for free on your website.

Giving Example 6
Give a yoga class video

I have DSLR camera that I create yoga YouTube videos and DVDs with. I’m toying with the idea of getting a Go Pro Camera (used mostly by surfers) and strapping it to my head while I’m teaching a yoga class.  Sounds crazy, heh?  But it’s different.  It’s unique.  I figure that with a camera strapped to my head, I’ll be able to create yoga DVDs filmed from a unique perspective (my head).

Admittedly the yoga DVDs I’d create using a video camera strapped to my head are for my fellow yoga teachers. For a yoga teacher, watching the video would be the next best thing to teaching the class.  It’ll be live. It’ll be gritty. It’ll be raw. It’ll be unique. It definitely won’t be staged for the camera. I will be using one the 1000+ shared yoga lesson plans that are available to download within the Yoga Teacher Lesson Plan Kit.

If you’re going to be filming your classes, make sure you get all your students to sign “release forms“.  If you need a release form, please email me and I will give you mine.  If you’re interested in creating a yoga DVD, you might like these two blog posts, 4 Steps To Get Your Yoga DVD On Amazon and 10 Steps to Create a Yoga DVD Using Photos.

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