Free Kids Yoga Lesson Planning Tips: How To Teach Cat Pose, Cow Pose & Lion Breath To Kids

Step 1
Watch The Video

The poses taught in this video (cat, cow, lion breath) are from the Kids Yoga Genie Lesson Planner.

Step 2
Download The FREE Cat Pose Card

Teaching kids yoga with “downloadable yoga cards” makes life a lot easier for you, and more fun for your students. You can download and print the FREE Cat Pose Card below (right click and save). Members get access to dozens of the downloadable kids yoga cards.

Cat Pose For Kids

Step 3
5 Minute Yogi Game

Take the “card” with you to class as a fun teaching aid. During each class you have, you could have a “Yogi Card Game” section where you ask the kids to pick one of the “cards”.  Spend 5 minutes per card which could include preparation (e.g. wrist exercises) and going into an out of the pose several times.

Each time the kids go into Cat Pose, you could weave in some cat symbolism such as:

“Lets roar like a big African cat. Rooooaaaarrrr. When ever you feel scared let out a roar to find your confidence.”

“When we become a cat [in cat pose] you immediately have the courage to explore the unknown. Cats love exploring the unknown.

“Cats are really patient. They wait for the right moment to act.”

“Cats love adventure. Today’s adventure is exploring what it’s like to be a calm cat. Sit in silence and focus on your belly balloon rising on inhale (in cow) and going down on exhale (in cat).”

“Cats are relaxed and at ease with themselves. So are you.”

Bonus Step
Learn Some More About Cat Pose

Cat Pose Teaching Directions
Are you ready to become a cat? When you become a cat you instantly become curious and clever just like a cat. Ready? On all fours. Round your back. Tuck chin into your chest. Move slowing back and forth. Meow like a cat. Did you know that cats see very well in the dark? Since the cat is at home in the dark, come into cat pose to remove any dark fear you may have.


Benefits: Physical

  • Stretches lower back
  • Concentration
  • Decompress spine.

Benefits: Emotional 

  • Cats are symbolic of mystery. By practicing you tap into a love of mystery and aren’t scared of the unknown.

Preparation Poses

  • Child
  • Eagle

Follow Up Poses 

  • Cow
  • Crow
  • Down Dog
  • Child
  • Hero
  • Crocodile


  • Forehead to knee
  • Raise leg or arm

Counter Pose

  • Cow Pose

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