I’ve just added Bound Lotus Pose (Baddha Padmasana) to our new Yoga Pose Directory. To celebrate I created this inspirational yoga quote image for you. 

There are some lovely quotes you can use from when creating memorable yoga lesson plans.

I love using quotes because they are instant yoga class themes. If you’ve been through a yoga teacher training programme, you’ll know first hand that it can take hours sometimes to come up with an inspirational yoga lesson plan. Sometimes less is more. Sometimes you don’t have to spend hours coming up with a yoga class theme. Sometimes all you need to do is use a yoga quote

Here’s my #1 tip for using a quote as a yoga class theme…

During the yoga class repeat the quote over and over and over again and over again. It’s impossible to say the quote too many times during a class. When you repeat the quote it becomes a mantra. And mantras need constant repetition for them to gain sticking power in a student’s mind.

OK. That’s my top tip.

Below is a yoga quote I’ve used as a theme in one of my yoga classes. Feel free to use it in your class.