There are some lovely quotes you can use when creating memorable yoga lesson plans.

I love using quotes because they are instant yoga class themes. If you’ve been through a yoga teacher training programme, you’ll know first-hand that it can take hours sometimes to come up with an inspirational yoga lesson plan.

Sometimes less is more.

Sometimes you don’t have to spend hours coming up with a yoga class theme. Sometimes all you need to do is use a yoga quote.

Here’s my #1 tip for using a quote as a yoga class theme…

During the yoga class repeat the quote over and over and over again and over again. It’s impossible to say the quote too many times during a class. When you repeat the quote it becomes a mantra. And mantras need constant repetition for them to gain sticking power in a student’s mind.

OK. That’s my top tip.

Below is a yoga quote I’ve used as a theme in one of my yoga classes. Feel free to use it in your class.