Kids Yoga Teacher Training Mini Series: 5 Steps To Teach Basket Pose (Includes FREE Downloadable Basket Pose Card)


Teaching kids yoga with “downloadable teaching aids” makes life a lot easier for you, and more fun for your students. Below are the five steps to teach Basket Pose – a fun version of Bow Pose (Dhanurasana). It is just one of 100’s of kids yoga poses within the Drag & Drop Kids Yoga Drag & Drop Lesson Planner.

Step 1
Watch the Basket Pose video.

The video was lovingly filmed by Sarah Grey and her son, Sam. Sarah is one of our Kids Yoga Teacher Lesson Plan Kit members.

Step 2
FREE Basket Card Download 

Download and print the FREE Basket Pose Card.

Basket Download Button

Step 3
Basket Pose Map

Learn the basics of Basket Pose from the information below.

Basket Pose 


Benefits: Physical

* Stretches thighs
* Stretches groins
* Stretches abs
* Stretches chest
* Stretches throat
* Stretches hip flexors

Benefits: Emotional 

* Full basket is symbolic of happiness and abundance.

Preparation Poses
Below are some preparation poses to loosen and warm up before attempting this strong pose…

* Bridge
* Cobra
* Locust
* Up Dog
* Hero

Quick Teaching Steps
See video (top of page) for all the steps!  

We need a basket to carry something. Let’s become a basket. Lie on your tummy. Bend knees and hold onto your feet. You’re now a basket. What’s in your basket?

Counter Pose

* Child Pose

Step 4
Pick A Card

Take the “card” with you to class as a fun teaching aid. During each class you have, I recommend having a “Yoga Card Game” section where you ask the kids to pick one of the “cards” (if you’re a member you get access to dozens of these cards).

Step 5
5 Minute Games

Spend 5 minutes per card (which includes preparing for the pose and going into an out of the pose).

Here are some fun “basket imagery” you can use when playing this card…

“Lets get in a hot air balloon and travel to [name the place].”

“What do you have in your basket?” (e.g. apples, confidence, compassion)

“Wow! Your basket is filled with happiness.”

“Wow! Your basket is filled with joy.”

“Wow! Your basket is filled with love.”

“Wow! You have a magic basket. What would you like to fill it with? (e.g. magic carrots, confidence, peace)

“What would you like to remove from your magic basket that is weighing you down? (e.g. anger, fear).

Kids Yoga Teacher Lesson Plan Kit

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This post was lovingly morphed into reality by BWY yoga teacher, George Watts. If you're looking for a treasure trove of yoga lesson planning goodness, take a look at my affordable yoga lesson plan bundles for yoga teachers . And if you'd like to save time creating yoga lesson plans sign up today for a free 7 day trial for my drag & drop online yoga lesson planner.

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