Kids Yoga: How To Teach Basket Pose

Below are the steps to teach Basket Pose – a fun version of Bow Pose (Dhanurasana). It is just one of 100’s of kids yoga poses within the Kids Yoga Genie Lesson Planner.

Basket Pose Video

The video was lovingly filmed by Sarah Grey and her son, Sam. Sarah is one of our Kids Yoga Genie Lesson Planner members.


Benefits: Physical
Stretches thighs
Stretches groins
Stretches abs
Stretches chest
Stretches throat
Stretches hip flexors

Benefits: Emotional 
Full basket is symbolic of happiness and abundance.

Preparation Poses
Below are some preparation poses to loosen and warm up before attempting this strong pose…

* Bridge
* Cobra
* Locust
* Up Dog
* Hero

Teaching Steps
We need a basket to carry something. Let’s become a basket. Lie on your tummy. Bend knees and hold onto your feet. You’re now a basket. What’s in your basket?

Counter Pose
Child Pose

Basket Imagery 
Here are some fun “basket imagery” you can use when teaching Basket Pose…

“Lets get in a hot air balloon and travel to [name the place].”

“What do you have in your basket?” (e.g. apples, confidence, compassion)

“Wow! Your basket is filled with happiness.”

“Wow! Your basket is filled with joy.”

“Wow! Your basket is filled with love.”

“Wow! You have a magic basket. What would you like to fill it with? (e.g. magic carrots, confidence, peace)

“What would you like to remove from your magic basket that is weighing you down? (e.g. anger, fear).

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