“Should I Charge Per Person Or Per Session?”

The Question

Here’s a question I received today from a fellow yoga teacher…

“The one to one yoga session templates within your Yoga Teacher Lesson Plan Kit for prices were very helpful! However, please could you give me a bit of pricing advice for a workplace yoga session? Should I charge per person or for the session?”

My Answer

“I would personally stick to one rate for the session (e.g. £70 a session), then leave it up to the employees or manager to gather employees to attend.

If they can get more than 10 people, it’s a bargain for them.  And it motivates employees and managers to find more people to join.  The more people who show up the better your chances are that it turns into the holy grail of workplace yoga programs — an ONGOING workplace yoga program.

You want it to become a perpetual and never ending weekly session.

That means consistent income.

That means you get to jump up and down saying, “Yipppeeee!” to express your excitement.

When you speak with the Big Cheese (e.g. the HR Manager), make sure that your ONGOING workplace yoga program is by far the most popular.  Instead of giving it a time limit (e.g. 6 weeks), sell the program as an ongoing one. This obviously means more income for you, and more joy for the employees.

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