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Why Being Boring Is Good For Your Yoga Business


Here’s a quick yoga marketing tip from the Yoga Teacher Business Kit.

Before becoming a full time yoga teacher, I was a business consultant for many years (while building businesses of my own).  If you were to ask me my #1 business tip of all time it would be…

Have the courage to become boring!


I know.  I understand it’s a radical thing to say.  Not very enlightened for a yoga teacher, heh?

Wrong.  And here’s why…

If you become boring with your “marketing activities”, you’ll grow a brilliant business. Being boring is the ultimate success formula, and hardly anyone knows about it. Before you think I’ve lost the plot and should be heavily sedated to protect myself, here are some real life examples of the brilliance of being boring…

Marketing Hat

Pick a day and time to put your “marketing hat” on.

Maybe Tuesdays from 10am to 2pm, you do nothing but “promote” your yoga classes.

Not exciting is it.   Actually it’s  dull.  It’s boring.   But, alas, it works.   If you can get into the habit of sticking to a time each week to take  action on marketing activities, it’s almost impossible to have low class numbers (unless you live somewhere in Siberia where your nearest neighbour lives 600 miles away).  But, it’s oh so very boring.  And that not wanting to be “bored” is why most business owners fail.

They want excitement.

They want flashes of genius.

They want inspired ideas to flash down from on high that will transform their business.  A boring, weekly routine isn’t something the average business owner does. That’s why 9 out of 10 small businesses fail within three years. That includes yoga teachers.

If you want “excitement” do exciting stuff when you haven’t got your marketing hat on.  Allow yourself the luxury of becoming predictable and boring with your marketing.

20 People

Write down a list of 20 people who have access to a database of prospects for your yoga classes.

Then, write an email asking them let their customers/staff know about your yoga classes.  

Here’s an email template I used for my own yoga business to help you get started.  

And here are 6 steps to set up partnerships with similar, non-competing businesses.

That’s rather boring, isn’t it?

I bet you have 101 other things that are way more interesting than that.

And 9 out of 10 you will choose one of those 101 fun things.   Only 1 out of 10 will have the courage to become boring, write that list, send that email and follow up on that email with another email or a phone call.

Yoga Retreat

Say, you’re running a yoga retreat in 3 months time.  If you were boring, you’d create an eye-catching yoga flyer, print out 100 of them, get in your car and drive around to every location within a 30 mile radius of your retreat where your prime prospects hang out.

Become Boring

9 out of 10 of you will choose 101 other more interesting things to do.  And those 9 won’t be teaching for more than 3 years.  They’ll have quit teaching and be blaming a multitude of things for why their yoga classes limped along with pitiful class numbers (e.g.  there were too many yoga teachers around here).   And deep down, in some hidden corner of their being, they’ll know that in reality, they weren’t boring enough.  They didn’t do the boring stuff.

The truth is if you want to succeed in business, and that does include your yoga business, you’ve got to be willing to become boring and follow a system.  Every successful business owner follows a methodical, boring system.

What boring marketing activity are you going to do this week?

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