Ankle Cranking For Pregnancy

Pregnancy Yoga Teacher Training
Ankle Cranking Pose
For Trimester 1, 2 & 3 

Ankle cranking pose  is 1 of over 100 pregnancy yoga poses included within the Pregnancy Yoga Lesson Plan Kit.


Bend right leg up and place the foot overhanging the left knee.

Hold right toes with the left hand.

Steady right ankle with right hand.

Crank right ankle around in a large circle, exploring perimeters of movement.

Do 10 rotations in each direction and 10 rotations in each direction with other ankle.


Practice during entire pregnancy.

Great for stiffness and poor circulation in feet.

Helps extend setting time in meditation postures.

Useful for edema, cramping, post epidural numbness in feet and legs.

Video Tutorial

The Pregnancy Yoga Lesson Plan Kit has pre-filled pregnancy yoga lesson plan templates.

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