Yoga Teacher Training For Pregnancy
Trimester 1 (1-13 weeks)

Supported Bridge Pose

Supported Bridge Pose

Teaching Steps

Lie flat on back with your block nearby.

Bend knees.

Place soles of feet flat on the floor with the heels as close to buttocks as possible.

Feet and knees hip width apart.

Grasp ankles with hands.

Raise buttocks and arch back backward.

Raise the chest and navel as high as possible without moving feet or shoulders.

Place block under tail-bone.

Allow legs to be soft.

Roll shoulders under and clasp hands.

Breathe deeply from the belly.

Front of throat soft.

Allow everything to gently open around tail-bone.

Come onto tip toes, remove block and come down slowly vertebrae by vertebra.


  • Realigns spine and relieves backache.
  • Massages & stretches colon/abdominal organs improving digestion.
  • Tones female reproductive organs.
  • Recommended for women who miscarry.


Pregnancy Yoga Lesson Plan Kit

Would you like to create pregnancy yoga lesson plans in under 5 minutes?