Pregnancy Yoga Training UK (Trimester 1) 
Waist Rotating Pose

Pregnancy Yoga Lesson Plan Kit™ 

This is 1 of 100+ pregnancy yoga poses within The Pregnancy Yoga Lesson Plan Kit.

Waist Rotating Pose Pregnancy Yoga

1) Stand with feet about half a meter apart and arms by sides.

2) Inhale while raising the arms to shoulder level. Exhale and twist body to left.

3) Bring right hand to left shoulder and wrap left arm around the back. Look over left shoulder.

4) Hold breath for 2 seconds, inhale and return to starting position.

5) Keep feet firmly on ground while twisting.

6) Repeat on other side.

7) Do about 5-10 rounds.


Tones waist, back and hip.

Feel lighter.

Relieves physical and mental tension.

Aligns spine.

Corrects posture.


Do twisting smoothly without any jerking.