Yoga For Pregnancy Teacher Training
Trimester 1 (1-13 weeks)

Palm Tree Pose

Yoga For Pregnancy Teacher Training

Yoga For Pregnancy Teacher Training

Pregnancy Yoga Lesson Plan Kit™ 

This is 1 of 100+ pregnancy yoga poses within The Pregnancy Yoga Lesson Plan Kit.


Stand with feet together and arms on side.

Raise arms over head, interlock fingers and turn palms upward.

 Place hands over head. Inhale and stretch arms, shoulders and chest upwards.

Raise heels to come up on toes.

Stretch whole body from top to bottom.

Lower heels while exhaling and bring hands on top of head.

Relax for few seconds and repeat 5-10 times.


Helps develop physical and mental balance.

Entire spine is stretched and loosened.

Helps to clear congestion of spinal nerves.

Stretches rectos abdominal muscles keeping the nerves toned.



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