Yoga For Pregnancy Teacher Training
Trimester 1 (1-13 Weeks)

Chopping Wood Pose

Pregnancy Yoga Lesson Plan Kit

The chopping wood pose is only one of 100+ pregnancy yoga poses within the Pregnancy Yoga Lesson Plan Kit.


1) Sit in squatting pose with feet flat on ground and one and a half feet apart.

2) Clasp fingers of hand and place them on floor between feet.

3) Straighten arms and keep them straight throughout practice.

4) Elbows inside knees.

5) Imagine action of chopping wood. Raise arms as high as possible, behind head, stretching the spine upward. Look up towards hands.  Make a downward stroke. Expel breath making an “Ha” sound and removing all air from lungs. Hands should return towards the feet. This is one round.

6) Practice 5-10 rounds.



  • Loosens pelvic girdle
  • Tones pelvic muscles

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