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How To Teach Mula Bandha

Bandha = Bond

Bandha is a term for “body locks” in Hatha Yoga, treated under the heading of mudra.  

When creating your next yoga class plan don’t be afraid to add a Bandha such as: 

  • Abdominal Lock
  • Chin Lock
  • Jalandhara Bandha
  • Maha Bandha 
  • Mula Bandha
  • Root Lock
  • The Great Lock
  • Uddiyana Bandha

How To Teach Mula Bandha

Step 1
Teach the sanskrit

Mula = Root
Mula Bandha = Root Lock

Step 2
Teach the location

The Mula bandha is located at the tip of the spine.

Step 3
Teach the hidden meaning

The Muladhara Chakra represents the stage of consciousness where the basic (root) survival need is the dominate force.

Mula refers to the root of all action, and the root of any action is thought.

As the student begins to refine their thoughts, locking the intentions behind their actions, the actions become refined. In yoga practice the student is locking body and mind in a positive way because it directs our thoughts, emotions and impulses into the orderly channels of right action. So, the simple act of engaging your Mula Bandha during a yoga practice allows the very best of “you” to shine through.

Mula banda cuts the energetic knot that causes resistance to change.

Step 4 
Teach the benefits

  • Contains and channels the energy associated with the root chakra.
  • Stimulates pelvic nerves, genital system, endocrine system, excretory system
  • Relieves constipation and depression
  • Stabilizes pelvis
  • Creates a safe environment for spinal movement

Step 5
Teach it in one sentence

You could easily over complicate the directions for your students, and that’s exactly what most yoga teachers will do in order to sound knowledgeable.  However, get your ego out of the way and explain how to activate the mula bandha in one sentence like this:

Imagine you’re in the middle of a traffic jam on the way to the airport, and you desperately need a pee.”

That’s it!

That’s all you need to say.

Though if you want to complicate it, you could say:

If you’re a male, contract the area between anus and testes. And if you’re a woman, contract muscles at the bottom of the pelvic floor.” 

Step 6
Teach the extended hold

Explain to your students that the aim is to hold their Mula Bandha through the entire yoga practice.

Yep, even if it’s a 120 minute class.

The main reason for the “hold” is because the lock, locks in your energy which allows all that wondrous energy to flow up, not down and out. If your energy is forced to flow up, and stay circulating within you, it will grow and grow and grow and grow. That’s a whole lot of useful energy at your disposal.

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