4 Steps To Teach Alternate Nostril Breathing (Nadi Shodhan)

Step 1
Teach Benefits

Alternative Nose Breathing optimzies the brain to be both creative and logical (balance of right and left hemispheres).

Left side = Logical thinking
Right side = Creative thinking

The ancient Yogis believed this to be one of the best breathing exercises to calm the mind and the nervous system.

Step 2
Teach Vishnu Mudra

vishnu mudra

vishnu mudra

Bring the right hand to close your nostrils.
Tuck your index and middle finger into your nose.
Place thumb by right nostril and ring/little fingers by left.

Step 3
Teach Alternative Nostril Breathing

  • Inhale through left nostril, close right with thumb (four count)
  • Hold breath, close both nostrils (16 count)
  • Exhale through right nostril, close left with ring/little fingers (8 count)
  • Inhale through right nostril, keep left nostril closed with ring/little fingers (4 count)
  • Hold breath, close both nostrils (16 count)
  • Exhale through left nostril, keep right closed with thumb (8 count)

Step 4
Create A Yoga Class Handout

Why not go above and beyond the call of duty and create an Alternative Nostril Breath handout for your yoga students.

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