How To Teach Heron Pose



  • Sit with legs out  ahead of you.
  • Bend right knee in front of you so it touches the floor.
  • both knees together.
  • Maintain balance while you sit straight
  • Weight rests on your sitting bones.
  • Leg perpendicular to ground.
  • Move chin towards knee.
  • Keep back straight and extended.

Modification 1 | Half Lotus Heron

Half Lotus Heron

Half Lotus Heron

Modification 2 | Strap

Place a strap around the sole of your foot before straightening your leg.


  • Stretches  hamstrings
  • Strengthens leg joints and muscles
  • Stretches ankles
  • Flexes leg joints and muscles
  • Stimulates abdominal organs and heart


  • Knee or ankle pain
  • Menstruation


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