Pranayama Breathing
Om Breath

yoga breathing exercises


Sit comfortably.  Open mouth fully as you inhale, as if to “inhale” the “A” sound itself, creating the intention of the sound before the sound actually begins. As you begin to make the “A” sound, raise arms to side, as if opening to embrace the universe. As your voice transitions to the “U” sound, extend arms to front, as if to hold something precious and powerful in your hands. Visualize some shape, round and energetic manifesting between palms of your hands. Then, gliding from “U” to “M” sound, bring hands, and whatever they may contain, to your heart centre.  Now in the bliss of silence, bring palms to chest, pressing them lovingly to your heart.


  • Pillow under buttocks if knees are high

Alternative Sitting Positions

  • Hero Pose
  • Lotus Pose
  • Perfect Pose
  • Thunderbolt Pose


George Watts

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