Yoga Teacher Fireside Chat: Click Play On The Video Above To Watch A Fireside Chat Between George Watts & Shailesh Malde About How Yoga Teachers Can Take Yoga Further

January 2017 Fireside Yoga Teacher Chat

Each month I interview (have a virtual fireside chat) a yoga teacher to pick their wondrous, yogic brains on a niche subject. The January 2017 Yoga Teacher Interview is with BWY yoga teacher, Shailesh Malde. He talks about how we as yoga teachers can help take yoga further.

Shailesh was a First Responder and First Aider for St Johns and London Ambulance. He has seen first-hand serious medical cases, young and old. Shailesh believes 80% of these could have been avoided with the right support during the person’s life. This belief drove him to change his yoga practice. During the fireside chat Shailesh provides some back ground of what is going on in the UK and explains why we as Yoga people can make a difference.

Shailesh Malde
BWY Yoga Teacher
NW London
07860 611410

PDF Download
Taking Yoga Further: Holistic Approach to Lifestyles

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