Welcome to Day 1 of my GeorgeWatts.org 200 Days Of Yoga Teacher Freebies Marathon. Keep tuning in for 200 days in a row of wondrous yoga teacher resources as I count down to my BWY Congress talks in April 2017.


Day 1 Yoga Teacher Freebie
Short Note Feature

Your yoga teacher gift on “Day 1” is one of the features I’ve had the most requests for.

It took some cunning coding to manifest into reality, but I’m thrilled to say, it’s here. For those of you using the Drag & Drop Yoga Genie Lesson Planner, we’ve added the SHORT NOTE FEATURE.

Why such fuss over such a boring sounding feature?

Find out by watching the video.

Short Note Feature Demo

George's 2017 BWY Congress Talk








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George Watts

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