Yoga Marketing Tip
What To Say In The Elevator?


If you are looking for some yoga marketing tips, below is 1 of 200+ of yoga marketing tips within the The Yoga Teacher Business Kit. It’s a yoga marketing tip I took action on for my own yoga teacher business. Notice that word “action”. Your yoga classes won’t become full unless you take “action” on yoga marketing tactics


Unique Selling Proposition


Distill the most important benefit of your yoga business down to its essence. In business lingo it’s called a USP (Unique Selling Proposition).  I’ve been a yoga website designer for several years and helping my yoga teacher clients come up with their USP always takes a bit of time.  So, please allow yourself days, weeks and even months writing down, editing, polishing and testing your own USP.

In just a few words your USP (Unique Selling Proposition) must answer the question posed in the minds of your prospects…


“Why should I come to your yoga classes, above all the other yoga and fitness classes?


The USP is also called an “elevator pitch” because it’s what you would say about your business if you only had 10 seconds speaking to someone on an elevator. Distilling your business essence to one or two sentences is one of the best things you can do for getting clarity about why your yoga business exists.


Unlock The DNA 


A USP is not merely a pithy slogan — it is the DNA that keeps your yoga business vibrant and alive.

If you can’t put down in writing what sets you apart in one or two sentences, you are setting yourself for mediocrity.  Being the same as every other yoga class no longer works.  When you write your USP avoid the trap of trying to please everyone. That’s impossible and a sure-fire way to fail in any business (and life).

Unlock what makes your yoga classes, workshops and retreats “different from the rest”.  The first thing to focus on is merely to be different.  Don’t burden yourself with thoughts of needing to be the best, or even being any good.  Just focus to begin with on what makes you different. Unearthing your difference is one or two sentences is surprisingly difficult, so here’s what I recommend…


Repeat This Mantra


“What makes my yoga classes different from the rest?”


Repeat this question as a “mantra” over and over, then let your mind go quiet and see what bubbles to the surface. Make sure you have pen and paper close by so you don’t lose your USP.


Some USP Examples


Yoga Teacher Lesson Plan Kit USP


Each product or service on your website also needs it’s own USP. For example, the USP for my Yoga Teacher Lesson Plan Kit is: “An Easy To Use Yoga Class Planning Software That Lets You Create Professional Yoga Lesson Plans Effortlessly In Under 5 Minutes.” Website USP


Your website needs it’s own USP.  For example, the USP for my website is: “The largest collection of yoga lesson planning tips, tools and templates on the web.”


My Yoga Classes USP


Below are some examples of the brainstorming I did when coming up with a USP for my yoga classes. When brainstorming, just let your imagination run riot and whatever you do, don’t edit. Just write.

“You’re going to love the way you look on the inside and out.”


“I’m so confident that you’ll find my yoga classes so hard to resist that I want you to shop around. Come to my class…then go to another…and another…and another, because the more you shop, the more you’ll want to come back.”


“When you come to my yoga class you’re not just joining another class, you’re joining a VIP club. You’ll receive a personalised folder, handouts, lesson plans, personalised modifications suited to your needs, discounts at local businesses and a place to meet like minded people.”


“A yoga class is forever.”


“Find peace within yourself with yoga.”


“Practice yoga and start listening to the teaching of your Soul. “


“Yoga is knowing we are all One.”


“Liberate the potential of your mind, body and soul with yoga.”


“Yoga is a lamp that makes you lighter.”


“Yoga is self acceptance.”


“Yoga is a sacred journey of self-discovery, transformation, expanding vision, stretching your soul, learning to see the unseen, listening to intuition and accepting yourself 100%.”


“Yoga is being fully present with everything – including discomfort and disaster. It’s not an escape from life.”


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