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Here’s a quick tip from the Yoga Retreat Marketing Kit.

Yoga Retreat Marketing Tactic
Advert in Yoga Two Magazine

I host yoga retreats in the UK and have tried advertising on many sites to promote my yoga retreats.   If, however, I was only allowed to advertise my yoga retreat in one place, it would be an easy choice.   I’d advertise in the magazine called: Yoga Two (a BWY yoga magazine).

Why Yoga Two? 

It’s pretty simple really…the adverts always get results!  The ‘Yoga Two Magazine’ is also much more affordable than of the other national yoga magazines.   I’ve advertised in OM Magazine and Yoga & Health Magazine.  They are both good quality yoga magazines, but I got far better results advertising in Yoga Two.  You get cheaper advertising rates if you’re a member of the BWY.  If you’re not a member, it’s well worth joining just for the cheaper advertising rates.  By the way, I am in no way affiliated with Yoga Two.  Though, I am a member of BWY.

Step 1
Go to and take a peek at their website.

Step 2
Send an email to asking for advertising info.

Yoga Two Advertising Contact Info

01529 306851
Yoga Two Editor: Devi Fraser-Lewis
Cost: 12 cm Box ad: £75 (member price)

Optional Step
Take a quick peek at the Yoga Retreat Marketing Kit.