Yoga Marketing Tips
Complimentary Spa Pass

Yoga Teacher Marketing Tips

Here’s a quick yoga marketing tip from the Yoga Teacher Business Kit.

Strategy:  Get a free complimentary spa pass for all your yoga students and get spas in your area to hand out a free yoga class coupon, for your yoga classes, to every single guest and member of their spa.  Your students will think you’re amazing if you manage to waggle them a free day pass at a luxurious spa.  And you’ll be tapping into prime prospects for your yoga classes.  Women who go to spas are interested in health and have money to spend.    That means a high percentage of them would probably love to come to your yoga class, if only they knew about it.


Step 1:   Send the email (or even better, hand written letter) below to all the spas in your area.

Step 2:  If the Spa manager sends you free passes, email (or even better, post a hand written letter) letting him or her know you’d be willing to give all their guests and members a complimentary pass for your yoga class.   Ask if they’d be willing to hand out a ‘free yoga class coupon’ to all their guests/members.  That’s an important point.  You don’t want your yoga class coupons gathering dust in some remote part of the Spa.   Ask the manager to make sure the staff hands out the coupons for at least 30 days.   Explain that you’ll do the same for the complimentary spa passes at your yoga classes.   Explain you’ll literally say, Hey, Jane here’s a free pass to the ABC spa.

Step 3:  If the Spa manager says, “Yes” to step 2.  Bingo!   You’ve just hit the yoga class jackpot.   You’ve pretty guaranteed full yoga classes for the next few years.  It’s time to pat yourself on the back and smile a big cheesy smile.  Now it’s time to post the coupons (you’ll find several yoga class coupon templates in the Yoga Teacher Business Kit) to the Spa manager with a hand-written ‘Thank You’ letter.

You’ll find attractive yoga themed letterhead templates in the Yoga Teacher Business Kit.

Email/Letter (to send to the Spa manager)….

Dear [Spa Manager’s Name],

I’m a local yoga teacher based in Llandrindod Wells. I am putting together a VIP Package for my yoga students and would like to include a Complimentry Pass from (name of their business here) to visit your spa.   As you probably know, yoga students are prime prospects for a spa.  So, hopefully a few of my students will continue coming to your spa after they’ve used up their Complimentary Pass.

Please call me on (your telephone number here) if this sounds like something you would be interested in.  You can also contact me on (your email here).  I look forward to hearing from you.

Warmest regards,

(Your name here)
Yoga Teacher
(Your tel # here)
(Your address here)