Laughter Yoga Exercise
Alien, Tiger & Cow 


Tell everyone that there are three things they can be….

The alien is signified by making antennae with your fingers and
leaning into the circle making the noise “Zeep. Zeep. Zeep”.

The tiger is signified by leaning into the circle exposing
your ferocious claws and roaring.

The cow’s udder is exposed by putting your hand on
your stomach and mooing loudly.

Create a circle.

Count to 3.

On 3 everyone commits to 1 of the 3 character types ALIEN, TIGER, or COW.

Keep repeating the cycle of 1-2-3 until everyone does the same creature.

Generally dissolves into complete chaos before there is any synchronicity.


Warm up
Lighten the atmosphere in the room.
Get the ‘feel good’ hormones activated.

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