4 Tricks To Remember Your Student’s Names

Do you know the sweetest word for 99% of people? It’s not FREE. It’s their name. Do whatever it takes to remember your students by name.  Below are four simple tricks for remembering names.  

Sign In Sheet: I have a Sign in Sheet on the table as they come through the door.  Everyone has to put a tick by their names or write their name if they are a new student.  After every class I look at the Sign in Sheet and look at all names.  I then visualise the person while looking at their name.

Juggling Ball: I take a juggling ball (very soft ball) with me and play the “Introduce Yourself Game“. I throw the ball to the person closest to me on my right and they say their name. The person then throws the ball back to me.  I then throw the ball to the next person. I keep doing this until everyone says their name. It’s a good laugh and is a great Ice Breaker. I play the “Introduce Yourself Game” at the beginning of every 6 week yoga course. 

Before Class: Before entering the venue for my class, I’ll get my folder out and look at the names on my Sign in Sheet.  I will visualise the person’s face and see myself saying, “Hi Jo.”

Bizarre Image: When a new student arrives at my class and says, “My name is Susan”, I immediately create a bizarre image in my mind that will trigger each time I see her. For example, I imagine Susan SUEING me for not having enough yoga mats in my class. I visualise myself and her in court with her pointing an accusing finger at me.  The more bizarre you can make the association, the more chance you have of remembering his or her name.

George Watts

Hope you enjoyed my post. I'm a BWY yoga teacher, and creator of the Yoga Genie Lesson Planner. Create yoga lesson plans quickly and easily. Get started with the Yoga Genie Lesson Planner for free today.

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