How To Host A Yoga Workshop: The 9 Step Formula

Here’s a quick yoga retreat tip from the Yoga Retreat Kit.

Host our own yoga day

Most wealthy people get that way by using lots of leverage.  You’re not going to make much more than £15,000 a year if you’re not using leverage.   Hosting a yoga day is wonderful leverage because you are not limiting your earning potential.

Let’s do some number crunching…

If you teach a class, you’re not going to make much more than £100 per class. If you give a one to one yoga session, you’re not going to make much more than £35 per session.

If, however, you give a yoga day and charge £45, you can make £900 (if you get 20 students to come along).   That means one yoga day can be the equivalent of giving 9 to 18 yoga classes or 26 one to one yoga sessions.   That’s called leverage.

If you seriously want to become a full time yoga teacher, start organising your first yoga day as soon as possible.   I recommend having 6 yoga days a year (one every two months).   Promote your yoga days as a series of 6 (not one offs) – this will motivate and persuade people to come to all 6 days throughout the year.


1.    Choose your venue – ask for a better price

2.    Download the Yoga Retreat documents which includes: schedule, poster, tickets, booking form and evaluation form.  You’ll find the forms within the Yoga Retreat Kit.

3.    Edit the Schedule

4.    Edit the Poster

5.    Edit the Tickets

6.    Edit the Booking Form

7.    Edit the Evaluation Form

8.    Hand out the Poster & Sign Up Form to all your students

9.    Advertise your yoga day (Email your current students, email your past students, place an advert in your local directory, stick the posters up everywhere.  Copy what circuses do and plaster your town and surrounding towns with your poster.  Best places to put a poster up are:  gyms, hair dressers, schools, day spas, local businesses, health food shops, flower shops and hospitals).