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How To Teach Warrior II

Step 1
Teach The Benefits

  • Smashes anxiety out of the ball park
  • Energizes the entire body
  • Stretches chest, lungs, shoulders
  • Stretches neck, belly & groin
  • Strengthens shoulders, arms & back
  • Strengthens & stretches the thighs, calves & ankles

Step 2
Teach Warrior II

1) In Mountain exhale and step feet four feet apart. Raise arms parallel to floor & palms down. Turn right foot in to the right and left foot out to the left 90 degrees.  Align left heel with right heel.  Firm thighs and turn left thigh outward so the centre of left knee cap is in line with centre of left ankle.

2) Exhale and bend left knee over left ankle, so shin is perpendicular to floor.  Press outer right heel firmly to floor; stretch arms away from the space between the shoulder blades, parallel to the floor.  Don’t lean torso over left thigh. Keep shoulders over pelvis. Turn head to left & look over the fingers.  Stay for 30 seconds to 1 minute.

3) Reverse feet & repeat to left.


Step 3
Give Modifications

It’s a good idea to give at least one or two modifications for every asana you teach.   This is really important if you have beginners in your class.

  • Neck problems (keep head in neutral position & don’t look up at hands)
  • Raise back heel on a folded blanket

Step 4
Give Adjustments

Most students really appreciate getting an adjustment from you.  It demonstrates that you are paying attention and they are getting great value for their money.  Here are two typical adjustments for Warrior II…

Anterior Rotated Pelvis Adjustment (video tutorial): If your student has a big arch in their lower back it means they have an anterior rotated pelvis. To adjust bring your fist into sacrum and ask the student to move it back into your fist (front ribs will drop).

Shaky In The Back Leg Adjustment (video tutorial): If your student is shaky in the back leg walk to the front and bring palm to the front of the knee cap and ask him/her to push into your hand and reach back with his/her back leg.

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