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The downloads include: Lesson Plan Aims & Objectives, Lesson Plan, Printable Card Game, Class Handouts, Printable Teaching Aids, Colouring Pages and Kids Yoga Teaching Tips.

Video Of The African Safari Adventure

Many thanks to Sarah ( and her superstar son, Sam, for filming the adventure!

Kids Class Theme

Magical African Safari: Receiving The Spirit Power Of African Animals


Today we’re going on a magical African Safari Adventure to meet some amazing animals that will are really kind. They’re so kind that they are willing to share their greatest “power” with you. Each animal you meet today will become your very own guardian animal angel. For example you might be lucky enough to stumble upon Giraffe George (stretch hands up as high as you can) who is the tallest animal in the world and if you’re lucky will give you the power to rise above adversity.

Class Time

30 minutes

Class Aims 

  • To give a 30 minute class.
  • Develop awareness of animals living in Africa.
  • Develop awareness of the uniqueness of each animal.

Class Objectives

  • Perform safari animal yoga poses beginning with letters from A to L.
  • Perform lava breathing exercise.
  • Understand “Namaste” is a polite way of greeting a fellow yogi.
  • Be able to instantly focus on the teacher by using “Eyes On Me” game.

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