How To Record Audio Of Your Yoga Classes: My Top 10 Tips

One of the easiest, quickest and most enjoyable ways to increase your yoga teacher is to record audio of your yoga classes. 

But how? 

It’s surprisingly simple…

Strap a smartphone to your arm (using a jogging armband), insert a Rode Smartlav+ microphone and click “record” on the recording app.  And voila, you’ve just created yourself a passive income stream. Even though you haven’t recorded one yet, I think it’s well worth giving yourself a pat on the back for imagining the potential.

Imagine for a second turning every yoga class you do from this day on into a “passive income stream”.

I know.  I know.  It’s a bit hard to take in, isn’t it.

Don’t quite believe it’s possible?

It is.

Woocommerce Plugin

Once you’ve recorded your class, all you need to do is upload it to your website. If you use WordPress, you can use the free Woocommerce plugin. In just one click you’ll have an online store. Easy! 

My Mum 

My mum has been a yoga teacher for over 20 years.

She recorded her first class the other day and has the technical knowhow of a dead fruit bat.  She barely knows how to turn on her computer.  If she can record her classes, so can you. She was surprised at how well she sounded.  

My reply was:

What did you expect? You’ve been teaching yoga for over 20 years.”

Reasons to record your yoga classes

Recording your yoga classes is easy.

Recording your yoga classes is fun.

Recording your yoga classes will make you passive income.

Recording your yoga classes will help you reach students from all over the world.

That’s four nifty reasons to give it go.

Will recording my yoga classes help me attract more students to my classes?”

Great question!

The simple answer is, “Yes”.  

Recording audios of your yoga classes is similar to writing a book, and becoming a published author. Your students will perceive you as more professional. That perceived expertise has the wonderful effect of turning more students into lifetime students. And having more lifetime students means you need to do little or no traditional marketing to find new students!

So to recap…

I was a business consultant for many years before becoming a full-time yoga teacher. Would you like to know the quickest, easiest and most efficient way to build a sustainable, profitable yoga business? 


Keep your current students coming back for more! 

Most yoga teachers think “marketing” is all about attracting new customers (prospecting). 

That’s wrong.

Prospecting is a really inefficient marketing strategy.

How to keep your students coming back?

I personally only spend 1% of my time doing prospecting activities (e.g. putting up flyers, putting adverts in my local directory, etc).  The rest of my precious time, a whopping 99%, is spent on tactics that keep my students coming back week after week after week. 

The fastest way to get students coming back for more is to “become a better yoga teacher”.

The fastest way to become a better yoga teacher is to record your classes 

I’ve talked to several yoga teacher trainers in the past few months, and many of them are excited by their students recording audios of their classes. A few were so intrigued that they are adding a “how to record your classes” section to their yoga teacher training program.  

By recording your yoga classes and letting your students know they are available online, you instantly become an authority on yoga in their minds. It’s called The Author Effect. This increase in your perceived expertise will obviously result in many of your students staying at your classes for longer. Instead of staying only a few weeks and then joining the Zumba or Pilates class, they will stay with you for years.

Top 10 Tips For Recording Your Yoga Classes

Tip 1: Natural Voice
Make sure you speak in a natural voice.  Don’t try to sound like a quintessential yoga teacher.  Allow your own personality shine through.

Tip 2: Rode Smartlav+ Lavalier Microphone
Make sure that you use the Rode Smartlav+ Lavalier Microphone for Smartphone from Amazon. Why?Well, because it turns average audio into professional quality audio that sounds stunning. Whatever you do, don’t be tempted to purchase a cheap microphone. The Rode Smartlav+ Lavilier Microphone will be a huge asset for your yoga business for years and years to come, and it only costs approximately £45.

Tip 3: Class Themes 
Dream up different yoga class themes. Don’t record the same class over and over again. One of the top benefits of recording your classes is that it instantly gives you permission to unleash your creativity in a hailstorm of genius ideas.

Tip 4: Second Nature
Plan on recording your classes for the long term. Yoga teachers who quit after one or two recordings lose out on the opportunity of building a worldwide audience and creating multiple streams of passive income. With each recording you’ll become a little bit more confident having a smartphone and microphone strapped to your arm. Soon it will become second nature.

Tip 5: Guide 
Don’t read directly from your yoga lesson plan and/or yoga class handout(s). Use them as a guide. I discovered a few years ago that closing my eyes and visualising myself teaching works like magic. Visualisation is used by 100% of Olympic athletes. If it works for them, it will work for you!

Tip 6: Lightly 
Take yourself lightly. If you mess up, so what. Laugh it off. Students love it when their yoga teacher goofs up and so will your listeners.

Tip 7: Don’t Edit
Don’t do any editing. The beauty about taking a yoga class online is that it’s the next best thing to being at a yoga class.  The listener will feel the energy and rawness of the class.  It’s much more engaging than being lead along by a yoga celebrity on TV.

Tip 8: Eye-catching Headline
Give each recording an eye-catching headline (just like a news headline). Make sure that it offers your audience a benefit such as: “Yogalates for Weight Loss”.  When you upload your audio, you’ll be given a dropdown menu with over 100 examples of eye-catching yoga class headlines to choose and edit.  This is a really important part of the process. If your title is boring, you won’t get many people wanting to listen to it (no matter how great you are at teach). You’ll also be given over 100 eye-catching yoga graphics to use for your cover.

Tip 9: Test New Headlines
Test new headlines for recordings that aren’t getting many streams/downloads. Many a struggling author have had career changing surges in sales simply by changing the title of their book. You can do the same with your recordings.

Tip 10: Confidence 
The best way to feel confident is to create a yoga lesson plan and/or yoga class handout(s) for your recording. First of all it will help you come up with an engaging class and secondly the yoga lesson plan and/or yoga class handout(s) can be turned into PDF documents and uploaded along with your audio. Having these PDFs will create a “Yoga Class Package” that has a higher perceived value than just having an audio.

Bonus Tip 1: Listen To Other Yoga Teachers
Before you begin recording, listen to classes that have been recorded by other yoga teachers. Every teacher has a different way of teaching, so you can pick up something unique from everyone you listen to.

Bonus Tip 2: Podcasts
Listen to free podcasts on iTunes outside of the yoga niche. What makes the good ones good? What can you take away from the successful podcasts and incorporate into your yoga class recordings?

Bonus Tip 3: Imagination
If you’re recording in your front room (without any students), imagine you’re teaching to your students.

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