Yoga Off The Mat 
Deadly Signs of Inner Peace

yoga off the mat

yoga off the mat

Inner peace


Step 1:  Read the 11 signs of Inner Peace below…

  1. Loss of interest in conflict
  2. Frequent attacks of smiling
  3. Frequent overwhelming attacks of appreciation
  4. Loss of desire to judge others
  5. Unmistakable ability to enjoy each moment
  6. Tendency to think and act spontaneously rather than from fear based on past experience
  7. Loss of interest in interpreting the actions of others
  8. Loss of ability to worry (a serious symptom)
  9. Contented feelings of connectedness to others and nature
  10. Increasing susceptibility to love extended by others as well as an uncontrollable urge to extend it
  11. Increasing tendency to let things happen rather than make things happen

Step 2:  Read it again.

Step 3:  Read it again.

Step 4:  Read it any time you want more Inner Peace within your life.

George Watts

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