Free Downloadable Adi The Lion Kids Yoga Lesson Plan Bundle: Includes Lesson Plan, Short Version Of Lesson Plan,  MP4 Video Tutorial Showing How To Teach The Lesson, MP3 Relaxation Audio, Colouring Card, Class Handouts, & Teaching Tips! 

Video Tutorial Showing How To Teach The Lesson


Free Download
Adi The Lion Kids Yoga Lesson Plan Bundle | (zipped file: 264.8mb)

The Package Includes

  • Lesson plan aims & objectives
  • Lesson Plan (long version)
  • Lesson Plan (card version)
  • A to Z kids yoga teaching tips
  • The cat who became a lion video (MP4)
  • Confidence lion relaxation audio (MP3)
  • Lion breath class handout
  • Adi The Lion relaxation handout
  • Adi The Lion Colouring Card
Build the confidence of a lion

Class Time
30 minutes


  • To give a 30 minute class following the story of how a cat becomes a lion
  • Develop confidence of a lion.
  • Develop physical growth.
  • Encourage kids that giving is the best way of getting.


  • Perform sun salutations using Adi The Lion story as a reference
  • Perform Lion Breath
  • Tap into inner lion confidence

New Teaching Packs Monthly

These kids yoga teaching packs are what my beloved and cherished members of the Kids Yoga Teacher Lesson Plan Kit receive every month (as monthly bonuses).

Kids Yoga Teacher Lesson Plan Kit
Creating a memorable, attention grabbing Kids Yoga Lesson Plan can take a whopping amount of time and effort. I don’t know if you’re like me, but I used to burn the midnight oil creating lesson plans from scratch. Creating one kids yoga lesson plan used to take me several hours. Why so long? I was always reinventing the lesson planning wheel. I didn’t have a lesson planning system. That’s why I created The Kids Yoga Teacher Lesson Plan Kit. It’s full of resources to create kids yoga lesson plans.

Kids Yoga Teacher Lesson Plan Kit

Largest collection of kids yoga lesson planning resources on the web. Includes a Drag & Drop Kids Drag & Drop Kids Yoga Lesson Planner so you can create lesson plans in under 5 minutes.


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This post was lovingly morphed into reality by BWY yoga teacher, George Watts. If you're looking for a treasure trove of yoga lesson planning goodness, take a look at my affordable yoga lesson plan bundles for yoga teachers . And if you'd like to save time creating yoga lesson plans sign up today for a free 7 day trial for my drag & drop online yoga lesson planner.

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