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Free Downloadable Chair Yoga Seniors PDF Lesson Plan

Discover how this 104 year-old woman who practices yoga reveals one of the best Yoga Marketing Tactics Ever. Plus get your yogic hands on a FREE downloadable Chair Yoga Lesson Plan.

Free Yoga Marketing Tactics: VIP Card

Yoga Marketing Tactic The VIP Card   Before I give you this yoga marketing tactic,  you might be thinking just who the heck I am to be giving you such tips. I’m a full-time BWY yoga teacher and creator of the Yoga Teacher Business Kit.  How The VIP Card Works...

Yoga Marketing Tactic: Give. Give. Give

Yoga Marketing Tactic Give  Give  Give Give.  Give more.  Give more still.  Keep going... Then give some more. And when you've given all you think you can give, give more.   When your mother told you... "The more you give, the more you get." ...she was spot on.  ...

Discover How To Get A FREE Venue For Your Yoga Classes

Yoga Marketing Tip Of The Week Here's A Question I Received From Karin "Do you rent space from a local studio? If so, how much do you pay?" My answer was... "Hi Karin, Why pay for a venue when with a little imagination you can get it for free. Plus you can...